2016-2017 Liberal Religious Educators Association Annual Meeting

June 21st, 11:45-12:30

The 2016-17 Annual Meeting of the Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREDA) will be held during LREDA Professional Day onJune 21st11:45-12:30 at the Hilton Riverside, New Orleans, LA.

LREDA Bylaws require a formal call to the annual meeting for LREDA members to be delivered not less than 60 days before the Annual Meeting. At the Annual Meeting, Active and Life Members may vote on the budget and the nominees. Online is available for those eligible here until June 19th. The Active or Life Member category is required for voting privileges and does not include Student/New, Supportive or Institutional Members.

Your Professional Day registration includes lunch, which will be provided during the meeting.

Minutes from the 2016 Annual Meeting are here

The 2017-2018 Budget

Dear LREDA Members,

On behalf of your Board of Trustees, I present to you our proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Every budget is a plan, a statement of priorities for going forward. It represents not only what is possible with our resources, but also the opportunities and challenges that we as a professional organization are uniquely called to respond to at this point in time. Yes, it is a stretch, but not to stretch would seem a betrayal of LREDA’s legacy of leadership in the denomination.

Budget proposal timing for LREDA is a challenge because a significant portion of our expenses occur around General Assembly and our Professional Day/Annual Meeting, just days before the end of our fiscal year. As always, this budget conservatively estimates income and funds committees and programs at levels that they believe are necessary to fulfil their mission.  Sometimes we are surprised, but always we are guided by a commitment to accessibility – LREDA services and the opportunity to serve in leadership does not depend on personal wealth or access to large professional expense budgets.

We are receiving slowly increasing amounts of interest from the Endowment Fund, thanks to your generous donations.  This fiscal year proceeds are funding 21st Century grants for innovation as well as significant portions of the Fahs Lecture and General Assembly workshops on White Fragility, once again demonstrating LREDA’s leadership in equipping for justice work.  Next year we will of course seek grant funding to augment membership dues, although a dues increase may be warranted in the future, but for now your Board is recommending using our reserves to fund operations rather than cutting back on services.

LREDA’s expenses are mostly related to our events – Fall Conference and Professional Day/GA – followed by management/administration expenses related to our three-quarter time Administrator and volunteer Board, and of course supporting the work of so many committees and groups serving members. Should you have questions about any of these income and expense items, I would love to share the details with you! Please contact me at treasurer@lreda.org and we can talk numbers as well as reasons why.

Yours in service,

Karen LoBracco, LREDA Treasurer


Budget for 2017-2018 Fiscal Year

Proposed Bylaw Change


A. There shall be a Nominating Committee of three members. They shall be elected at the Annual Meeting for three-year terms, one member in each of years I, II, and III of the cycle defined in Article IV, Section B. The member elected by the committee in any given year shall serve as Chairperson. In each year of the three-year election cycle, the Nominating Committee shall choose one or more candidates for one position on the Nominating Committee and one or more candidates for each open position on the Board of Trustees, as follows: In Year I, President, Treasurer, and one Trustee-at-Large; in Year II, Vice-President and one Trustee-at-Large; in Year III, Secretary, President-Elect, and one Trustee-at-Large. Candidates must be Active or Life Members of LREDA

B. The Nominating Committee shall choose one or more candidates for each open position on the committees of the Board of Trustees. Candidates for Chairperson of a Board Committee are subject to Board approval.

C. All Candidates must be Active or Life Members of LREDA.

.  In case of a failure of the Nominating Committee to perform its proper functions, the President may with the consent of the Board of Trustees set up an emergency procedure for nomination. Such procedure shall be ratified by the membership at the next Annual Meeting of LREDA. If the emergency procedure is not ratified, the Annual meeting shall set up its own procedures for a special election

E. All nominations of the Nominating Committee for Board of Trustees and Nominating Committee positions shall be submitted to the Secretary at least ninety days prior to the date of the Annual meeting. At least sixty days prior to the Annual meeting, the President shall submit the names of all nominees for Board of Trustees and Nominating Committee positions to the membership.

D F. Nominations by petition shall be made by a signed petition of ten or more voting members. Petitions shall indicate the office sought and must be submitted to the President not less than thirty days prior to the Annual Meeting, along with indication by the candidate of a willingness to accept nomination.

E G. Election of Trustees shall take place by vote of the Active Members. 
Active Members may vote by online means made available to them by the Board for the period from 25 to 5 days prior to the Annual Meeting. These votes will not be by secret ballot. 
The results of this online voting shall be added to the vote of the Active Members present at the Annual Meeting. If there is more than one candidate for any position, the voting at the Annual meeting shall be by secret ballot.

F H. No member of the Nominating Committee shall serve for more than one term until at least one year has elapsed. Persons who have been appointed to serve no more than 18 months of an unexpired term may serve an additional consecutive full term. All vacancies to positions on the Nominating Committee shall be filled by appointment by the Board of Trustees.

Proposed amendment to the By-Laws


The LREDA Nominating Committee, following careful consideration, nominates two candidates for positions on the Board of Trustees: Annie Scott, President; and Jules Jaramillo, Professional Support.

They nominate Carla Miller as a member of the Nominating Committee

Introducing the Slate of Nominees

Annie Scott, President

Annie Scott has been shaped and nurtured by her involvement with LREDA colleagues, clusters, chapters and the continental organization since 1992. They have enabled her to stay in this calling of Unitarian Universalist religious education by living in covenantal relationships, inviting her into an always deepening spiritual and religious journey and by walking with her through professional and personal hard times.

Annie has had the privilege to serve five congregations; Phoenix, AZ, Devon, PA, Germantown, PA, Oregon City, OR, and currently, Golden, CO. She has served on district RE committees in the Pacific Southwest, Joseph Priestley and the Pacific Northwest LREDA Chapters. She served on the LREDA Diversity and Inclusion Team for nine years and the Excellence in Shared Ministry Task Force 2012-2013 and was a member of the LREDA Nominating Committee 2013-2015.

Annie is excited to welcome her first grandchild soon. She loves camping with her hubby, Mick, and dog, Bubs, watching Alfred Hitchcock movies and singing occasionally with her brothers 60’s rock and roll band in Oregon.

Jules Jaramillo, Professional Support

Jules Jaramillo serves as the Director of Lifespan Religious Education at Countryside Church Unitarian Universalist in Palatine, Illinois. Before CCUU, Jules had the honor to serve two previous Unitarian Universalist Congregations in South Florida and Oregon City, Oregon.

She has been an active member in the Willamette Valley and MidAmerica LREDA Chapters. Jules has been working closely with the MidAmerica Region to develop a support structure for religious educators through a piot program called The Learning Collaborative. Prior to becoming a religious educator, Jules was a Social Worker and Program Director for several non-profit organizations. Her areas of focus were in autism (full spectrum), teen homelessness and addictions, and cognitive development.

Jules has lived from the West Coast to South Florida as well as in Colombia, South America. In Bogota, Jules taught high school English at a bi-lingual college prep school. Jules has a degree in Social Work, as well continuing professional development in Professional Interim Training program, Multicultural Education, Youth Ministry, Adult Faith Development, UU Identity as well as anti-bias, anti-racist and multicultural educational opportunities including Beloved Conversations.

She has served as Trustee on the Board for California Autism Foundation and coordinates support meetings with the Guild for Interim Religious Educators.Along with her professional experience, Jules understands that religious educators are faced many joys and challenges in the work they do. She is incredibly grateful for collegial support she has received throughout the years and is honored to be nominated for the Professional Support position.

Carla Miller, Nominating Committee

Carla Miller serves as the the Director of Multigenerational Religious Exploration at Paint Branch UU Church in Adephi, MD. Carla is a former elementary school teacher with a Masters of Education from the University of Maryland College Park. She has worked as a religious educator for 10 years now in three congregations' leading groups for children, youth and adults. She has written U.U. S.C. curriculum resources for the Guest at Your Table program, and served as a group leader for UUCSJ's Haiti Journeys.

She and her husband have three young adult children and two talkative cats. Yoga, meditation, walks in the woods, and children bring joy and light into her life. There is no work she'd rather do than religious education!