RE Credentialing

Religious Education Credentialing

Religious Education Credentialing is a UUA program that recognizes religious education as a profession and supports and fosters those people in religious education. By documenting education and work experience, a religious educator is awarded a credential in one of three levels: Associate, Credentialed, and Master. This program provides a comprehensive path towards professionalism and a deeper understanding of our Unitarian Universalist values. Those receiving a credential realize and accept leadership in religious education and an understanding of professional standards.

For more information about the program (including how to get started) visit the UUA website.

LREDA Supports Credentialing
LREDA supports the credentialing program and encourages religious educators to participate. Recognizing what an accomplishment receiving a credential is, each newly credentialed religious educator is honored annually during the LREDA Fall Conference. In addition, every attempt is made to honor the newly credentialed in their home congregation, with greetings and a gift from LREDA.

To support the religious educator in the program, LREDA trains and matches mentors who hold monthly meetings with the credentialing candidates. These relationships are an invaluable part of the process of discerning one's call to religious education. Go here for more information about the mentoring program.

LREDA also provides scholarship assistance for education and trainings for those in the credentialing program. The initial funds for these scholarships were granted to LREDA by the UUA from Association Sunday Funds designated for professional organizations in 2011. Scholarship applications are accepted ONLY during the months of August and January. Please read about scholarship priority and policies before you fill out the application