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Strong RE Programs Begin with Strong Leaders

Strong RE Programs Begin with Strong Leaders

Good Officers

We try to have geographical representation among our Good Offices Representatives. You may call the person living closest to you, the person you know best, or the one you think might be most helpful with a particular situation. Mailing addresses are found in your LREDA Membership directory. Call any one of us - we are here to help!

Titlesort descending First Name Last Name E-mail
Central Midwest Lynn Hunt [email protected]
CUURE (Canadian UU Religious Educators) Lynn Sabourin [email protected]
Heartland Mary Darner [email protected]
Joseph Priestley Beth Irikura [email protected]
Joseph Priestley Deborah Kahn [email protected]
Joseph Priestley Carol Ann Taylor [email protected]
Joseph Priestley Carla Miller [email protected]
Joseph Priestley Jean Wiant [email protected]
Metro New York Tracy Breneman [email protected]
Metro New York Laura Beth Brown [email protected]
Metro New York John Cavallero [email protected]
Metro New York Carol Haag [email protected]
Metro New York Meagan Henry [email protected]
Mountain Desert Alice Springer [email protected]
North Atlantic Regional Halcyon Westall [email protected]
North Atlantic Regional Cindy Beal [email protected]
Ohio Meadville Greta Porter [email protected]
Ohio Meadville Kathy Strawser [email protected]
Pacific Central Kathy van Leuwen [email protected]
Pacific Central Betsy Darr [email protected]
Pacific Northwest Niya Standish [email protected]
Pacific Northwest Kathy Stevenson [email protected]
Pacific Southwest Sara LaWall [email protected]
Pacific Southwest Barbara Braswell [email protected]
Seaway Lynn Garman [email protected]