Nominating Committee

The Nominating committee consists of three members with staggered three-year terms, elected by the membership. They work independently of the Board to fill Board vacancies, assessing needs and various criteria in the nominating process. Additionally, they help to fill committee positions by asking and referring names to the Vice President of the Board. Contact the Nominating Committee at

Nominating Committee 2016-2017
Michelle Grove-- chair
Katy Carpman
Carla Miller
Ex-Officio Members for 2017-2018:
Jamaine Cripe
Kim Mason

Note: Only LREDA Active or Life Members may serve on the LREDA Board of Trustees. 

More about the Nominating Committee:


LREDA Nominating Committee Process & Timeline

  • September: LREDA Board members with expiring terms, draft job descriptions for NOM, which include tasks, skills needed/ core competencies and future priorities of the Board and the position.
  • October/November: LREDA Board members with expiring terms send job descriptions to NOM before fall con, NOM meets with LREDA Board at Fall Con re future priorities of Board, overall composition of the board (skills needed), meet with departing Board members about their positions, solicit interested applicants
  • November: Deadline to notify of committee openings.
  • December: Post announcement for applications for LREDA Board Positions (include what LREDA covers re: attending meetings). Develop list of people to solicit for applications
  • January: Send reminder for applications and continue to solicit applications. Board and Nominating Committee Applications due Jan. 31st.
  • February: Review Board and NC applications. Preliminary screening of applicants, including feedback from the Board. Check references, answer questions. Applications for committee nominations due Feb 28th.
  • February/ March: Make selections, notify applicants and VP. VP will contact nominees and discuss GA attendance. VP acts as nominee liaison to the Board until Nominee is elected.
  • NOM send nomination slate to the Board 90 days before the election at the Annual Meeting.
  • April: Send recommendations of committee nominations to the committee
  • May: Members running for election by petition need to submit their petition no less than 30-days in advance of the date of the election. See the LREDA Bylaws Article VI. Section D for additional instructions.
  • June: Election results announced and VP orients new members at GA.

Notes on the LREDA Nominating Committee in 2017-2018

  • In 2016-17, LREDA Nominating Committee’s job was formally extended to include recruitment for LREDA committees
  • This meant a larger workload and an extended time frame.
  • LREDA has grown as an organization
  • The way that things have been done in the past may no longer be serving the membership and the larger goals of Unitarian Universalism
  • LREDA Nominating Committee recognizes the need for expanded communication of the nominating process
  • We are a part of a larger white supremacist culture and wish to break down built-in barriers
  • For several years the Nominating committee was composed of all-white members.
  • LREDA Nominating Committee is in a year of listening, reflection and discernment with the LREDA membership, affiliated groups, and stakeholders about the work of the Nominating Committee.
  • To accommodate this discernment work and the additional work of recruiting for the LREDA Board Committees, the Nominating Committee is adding two acting committee members for the FY 2017-2018. Due to bylaw constraints these members cannot be elected to the committee and will thus join the committee in shared covenant for the fiscal year
  • One of the acting members will be the outgoing Chair of the Nominating Committee and one will be an additional new member with a preference for a person of color/indigenous person to bring a more well-rounded perspective
  • Read the full report here: Nominating Committee’s Report to The Board. Current LREDA Nominating Committee Procedure