LREDA Facebook Group & ListServ

All LREDA members (with the exception of friends) have access to our private LREDA Facebook group. This is a covenanted space so you are asked to not share information outside of this group.

When you join the group you are agreeing to abide by this covenant:

"As members of LREDA and members of this group, we covenant to uphold our Code of Professional Practices, online and off.

This group functions in addition to the Unitarian Universalist Religious Educators FB Group where you'll find a rich discussion and shared resources among religious educators, colleagues, and volunteers.

In the LREDA Facebook you'll find discussions of professional issues and shared resources, among members of LREDA (who may be religious educators, ministers, UUA & CUC staff, youth ministry professionals, program assistants, and more).

While members of this group must be current members of LREDA, please remember that online conversations are never really private, and our UU world is small. Know that anything you post could get back to whoever your post is about. Keeping to our Code of Professional Practices will help us all maintain healthy boundaries.

We ask you to not take screenshots or otherwise share posts outside of this group. This ensures that this space remains a safe place for LREDA members to share concerns with covenanted colleagues. Remember this space includes LREDA members who are both ordained and non-ordained, so bear this in mind when posting.

We do allow for anonymous posting in the group. Anonymous posts are monitored by the Board or LREDA Staff and removed if inappropriate. If you see a post that is anonymous, know that there is a recognized need for the post to be anonymous rather than attributed."

LREDA also has a Listserv where you can ask questions or share information.

There is also a UU Religious Educators Facebook Group, for everyone interested in UU Religious Education.

LREDA Member Resources Portal

This site launched in September 2022, with access granted to all LREDA Members with up to date dues. Life Members should email Juliet to request access.

This is a google site accessible to only LREDA Members. To access log into Google, using the email where you receive LREDA Correspondence (You may need to create a google account using this email address, see below for help with this). Then copy this link into the address bar: 


If you would like to access the Resources Portal using a different email, or are having trouble getting in contact Juliet

The site relies on contributions from LREDA Members and is continually updated to include new resources and information. We welcome contributions and feedback from all LREDA Members. 

To add resources to the site, contact Juliet

Note: If you can't get in, make sure you log into google first using the email where you receive LREDA correspondence.

Here are some instructions about how to set up a google account with a non-gmail address:

Step 1: Go to google.com - and click on Sign-In at the top right hand side. Then choose, "Add another Account" Then click on "Create Account" and choose "for myself" when prompted.

Step 2: Complete the sections with your name, date of birth & gender. Then click on "Use existing email"

Step 3:  Enter the email where you receive LREDA emails, you'll be prompted to choose a password

Step 1: Go to Google.com, & click  "Create Account" choose on "For my myself" 

Step 2:  Complete the section with your name, then date of birth & gender. Then click on "Use your existing email"

Step 3: Enter the email where you receive LREDA emails, you'll then be asked to choose a password.

Member Directory & Aplos Account

The LREDA Member Directory allows you to:

  • Find and contact other LREDA Members
  • Check your payments to LREDA Continental & Chapters supported by LREDA (SW, NEL, PNWD, PSWD & MDD)

An important note about your Aplos account:

To see ALL your contributions to LREDA, log into your Aplos account using the portal above and navigate to the 'Contribution Statements' section. Due to the way Aplos records their transactions not all of your donations will appear in the donations section however they will appear in the Contributions Statements section.

To download a contribution statement go to the 'Contribution Statements' section and click on the three vertical dots on the right side of the screen. Select the “Download Detailed” section to see a list of all your payments.

Confetti cannons during worship. Photo courtesy of Chrissy Bushyager