2018/19 Issue Number 5

December 2018

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  1. Holiday Message
  2. LREDA Nominating
  3. Monthly Spotlight
    1. Board Secretary
    2. 21st Century Grants
  4. Save the Dates!
  5. News from our Friends
    1. UUA Faith Development Office
    2. Retirement Planning
    3. Convo IV

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President Annie Scott

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Secretary Andrea James

Continental Events Lily Rappaport

Good Offices Jules Jaramillo

Leadership Development Lisa Maria A. Steinberg


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The LREDA Board of Trustees feels so much gratitude for our members who served our organization, our profession, our denomination, and one another this past year. May you experience some of the magic this season can offer.

As we reflect on last month's Fall Conference, we want to thank all who made it happen: the Fall Con Planning team, the Worship team, speakers and workshop presenters, caucus leaders, musical guests, our Justice and Equity Team, and all who attended. We were blessed to be together. 

Best wishes of the season,

Annie Scott, Linnea Nelson, Juliet Donaldson, Andrea James, Lily Rappaport, Jules Jaramillo, and Lisa Maria A. Steinberg

LREDA Nominating Committee

LREDA is a co-op -- rather than veggies, we're growing souls!

We look forward to working with you to find your right-sized role--whether it's a short-term task force, a committee, or Board service!
Check out our Awesomeness Inventory here.

And tell us about your colleagues on the LREDA Brag Page.

Beginning December 1, the official nominating process for LREDA Board Positions opens - in this year's rotation, we're looking for:

President-elect (Job Description)  
At Large: Continental Events (Job Description)  
Secretary (Job Description)  

If you'd like to apply for one of these positions, send a cover letter and resume to [email protected]





LREDA Board of Trustees: Secretary

The LREDA Secretary works with the Board to keep records of LREDA meetings and activities and to maintain communications between Board members, LREDA Committees, LREDA membership and the larger Unitarian Universalist world.

A member of the Board Executive, the Secretary meets as needed outside regular Board meeting times, taking on additional duties where possible.

The current Secretary uses Basecamp for internal communication and document storage; Canva for graphics creation; memberclicks to build the newsletter and assist with the website; Facebook to co-moderate the LREDA group; and google docs and sheets to prepare monthly Board packets, record minutes, etc. A comfort with technology is an asset.

LREDA membership will elect a new Secretary (and two other Board positions) in June 2019. By late April, the LREDA Nominating Committee will have invited and reviewed applications, done due diligence, and nominated one candidate who has been thoroughly vetted. We hope you will consider where you can offer your skills and energy, in a way that feels fulfilling to you.

The LREDA Nominating Committee works indepently from the Board. For more information on the nominating process, click here.

Learn a little about outgoing Secretary Andrea James

Andrea is a Canadian, white, cis-woman in her 50s, with two amazing young-adult daughters. In 2008 she was hired from outside Unitarian Universalism, and has served the First UU Church of Winnipeg (in Manitoba) since. In 2017 her position shifted to lifespan, and she is still figuring out what that means and how best to work within that larger scope. The greatest advice she received in those early days was "get yourself to LREDA Fall Con" (thank you Andrea Heier!). When she discovered there was no chapter for her to join, she helped establish the Canadian UU Religious Educators chapter of LREDA in 2013. Andrea moved into LREDA leadership after being asked, and taking some time to discern the best place for her, because you folks are her community and she loves you. Being Secretary has been a great fit for her "behind the scenes" preferences, and has been an incredible experience - a personal and professional gift.

Spotlight on a LREDA Resource: 21st Century Grants

LREDA's 21st Century Grants fund innovative projects serving Unitarian Universalist religious educators and the field of religious education. Past projects are available to view and make use of, here.

Funding for these grants comes from the LREDA Endowment. Working with the LREDA Treasurer, a committee reviews applications each January and determines awards. Funds are awarded in amounts ranging from $500 - $5000, depending on the scope of the project. If you are interested in serving on this team, with eyes on our future, please contact the Nominating Committee, at [email protected].

If you have a project needing financial support, apply here by December 31st. Awards will be announced on February 1st and funds available for disbursement by Feb 15th.

Save the Dates!

June 18-19, 2019 LREDA Professional Days in Spokane, Washington, featuring "Congregational Faith Formation", with Dr. Mark Hicks and Joy Berry of the Fahs Collaborative

November 6-10, 2019 LREDA Fall Conference in Baltimore, Maryland

November 11-12, 2019 Optional add-ons (to be determined) following LREDA Fall Con in Baltimore

News from our Friends

Unitarian Universalist Association's Faith Development Office

As of November 1, Gail Forsyth-Vail is the Interim Director of the UUA Faith Development Office, taking the directorship from Jessica York, who now serves the UUA as Director of Congregational Life. A credentialed religious educator, master level, and the 2007 recipient of the Angus MacLean Award for Excellence in Religious Education, Gail served Unitarian Universalist congregations in Massachusetts for 22 years—including The North Parish of North Andover, MA, where she is now a member—before joining the UUA staff in 2008. As Adult Programs Director for the UUA, Gail has authored and edited many books, curricula, and other faith development resources. Gail believes strongly that dismantling white supremacy is at its core a faith development project and is essential to future of our faith. Gail’s charge includes leading a process to imagine how the Faith Development Office can best fulfill the UUA’s mission of faith development for all ages.

Offices of Church Staff Finances and Professional Development, UUA; UU Ministers Association; and UU Retired Ministers and Partners Association

Retirement Planning Seminar 2019

An Interactive Retreat for Ministers, Other Religious and Congregational Professionals Planning to Retire in the Next Ten Years

Are you 50 years of age or older?  Planning to retire within the next decade?  Have questions about what might come next or about the mechanics of retirement (TIAA, Social Security, Medicare)?  The 2019 Retirement Seminar is offered by the UUA Office of Church Staff Finances in partnership with the UUA Professional Development Office, the UU Retired Ministers and Partners Association, and other professional groups.

Content:  The Rev. Larry Peers, a national consultant and clergy coach, will be the featured presenter along with speakers from the Office of Church Staff Finances and UURMaPA. Larry will lead engaging sessions from his workshop on “Finishing Strong, Ending Well: Crafting the Culminating Chapter of Your Ministry.”  The focus of the “Finishing Strong, Ending Well” segments of the program include:

  • How can you, as a religious professional, remain vital in the years leading up to retirement?
  • How will you approach this chapter of your career in a way that is sustaining and communicates a legacy?
  • How will you attend to your practical, your leadership, and your soul’s needs in this chapter in ways that can enhance personal and spiritual focus and renewal and prepare you now for moving into the “third age” of your life, we call “retirement?”  

Presenters from the Office of Church Staff Finances will present on the nuts and bolts of retirement including Medicare and health insurance, income streams and expenses, social security, the UUA retirement plan, and the shift from active ministry to retirement.

Where/When:  The Seminar will begin on Monday, March 25, 2019 with an afternoon reception and conclude with a boxed lunch on Friday, March 29.  It will be held at the Newcombe Tennis Ranch located at 325 Mission Valley Road, New Braunfels, Texas (www.newktennis.com).  New Braunfels is located between San Antonio and Austin.

Cost:   The cost for this week of reflection about and planning for your retirement is $525 (single) and $450 (shared double).  This price includes 4 nights lodging, all meals, and ground transportation from the San Antonio Airport.  Not included is airfare or other travel expenses.  Travel to Newcombe from the San Antonio airport will be by a scheduled shuttle bus.  Participants arriving outside the scheduled shuttle times, or flying into Austin will need to pay for their own ground transportation.  If space is available, spouses/partners are welcomed.  If you are a minister, you might apply for a UUA Continuing Education Grant to help pay for the retreat.  Up to one-third of the cost of continuing education is eligible.  The deadline for grants is January 15.  More information can be obtained at: https://www.uua.org/careers/ministers/support/education/financial-aid

Application Process:  There is space for 50 participants.  Applications will be accepted until January 18, 2019 with preference to individuals applying by December 14, 2018.   Preference will be given to those closest to retirement.  Individuals applying by December 14 will be notified by January 11 while others by January 30. Apply here.

Questions about the application process and/or this retreat can be directed to Charissa Benak, Retreat Registrar, at [email protected].

CONVO IV:  SAVE THE DATE October 17-20, 2019

We are now less a year away from our fourth triennial History Convocation, again jointly sponsored by the UU History and Heritage Society and Collegium and this year also with the Murray Grove Association. 

We will be meeting at the Maritime Conference Center outside Baltimore, Maryland, from October 17-20, 2019.

Baltimore was chosen in recognition of the 200th Anniversary of the seminal sermon preached by William Ellery Channing entitled “Unitarian Christianity” (and better known as the Baltimore Sermon) on May 5, 1819.  And Baltimore is not far from Murray Grove in New Jersey where John Murray preached the first recorded Universalist sermon in the new world.

Inspired by this, the broad theme of the Convocation will be origins:

Origins of Unitarianism, Universalism, and Unitarian Universalism in America: Liberal Religious Thought and Practice (William Ellery Channing, John Murray and Hosea Ballou)