Call for Workshop Facilitators at the 2019 LREDA Fall Conference

The Fall Conference will balance going deep into theology while also providing concrete tools and skills for religious educators to meet people in suffering and the work of collective liberation. 
That's where you come in! 
We are seeking workshops led in a variety of creative formats and topical areas which may include:

  • How our UU theology can inform our response to grief, loss, and injustice.
  • Understanding wholeness as a central concept inextricably linked to our Universalist theology.
  • Tools to create containers for being with others in suffering such as: family resources to deal with death, basic do's and don'ts of pastoral care, rituals for times of change.
  • Experiential exercises that strengthen our own resilience muscles and our ability to hold pain, grief, and discomfort.
  • Deepening understanding of how white supremacy culture contributes to suffering and our place as companions in liberation.
  • Spiritual practices that serve to hold us in connection to a wider wholeness, especially throughout the conference.
  • In addition, we welcome proposals that address other areas of need that are particularly alive for Religious Educators right now that may not be specifically related to our conference theme.

If you would like to propose a workshop, please complete this application
Your proposals will help us get LREDA members excited about coming to Fall Con and will further our goal of inclusiveness. A team will determine the full slate of proposals and let you know the status of your proposal by August 15, 2019. Deadline to complete this form is August 1, 2019. We have fewer open program slots than last year so we anticipate that we regretfully will not be able to offer every proposal. 
Thank you for offering your creativity and expertise to LREDA Fall Con!
The LREDA Fall Con Planning Team
Lily Rappaport, Eleanor VanDeusen, Katherine Childs, Erica Shadowsong, Sheila Shuh, Kathy Smith, Jenn Blosser