2018/19 Issue Number 11

June 2019

In This Issue...

  1. Notes from the President
  2. Spotlight
    1. Fall Con Info
    1. 2018-19 AGM
      1. Final Nom Com Candidate
      2. Online voting is now open
    2. DRUUMM Offering
    3. LREDA Professional Days Workshop
    4. LREDA's Sophia Lyon Fahs Lecture
  4. News from our Friends
    1. Skinner House Books
    2. Rowe Center Certificate Program in Spiritual Guidance
    3. Sophia Fahs Camp

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Notes from the President

Annie Scott, LREDA President

A close-up of a light-skinned, smiling woman. She has grey hair, pulled back; glasses, and a dark blue shirt I was astonished that after two days of sitting around a large table in a hotel conference room in east Denver I felt a deeper trust and more grounded hope for the future of Unitarian Universalism than ever before. Those present had named mistrust between non-ordained professional UU leaders and ordained leaders, and what it might take to overcome that. We'd voiced harm that had been done to non-ordained religious professionals by ordained professionals. And we'd listened to one another - without defensiveness, without deflections.

Around the table and across from me were representatives from: the associations of membership professionals, administrators, musicians, and ministers; the credentialing bodies for ministers, musicians, and religious educators; and the UUA. We were gathered for a Joint Ethics Summit to discuss the possibility of having a shared professional code of ethics as well as a shared ethics board. It seemed like such a radical idea at the start of day one. And yet, as truth was told and deep, open-hearted listening took place, the idea of sharing a code of ethics and a shared place and process of accountability, began to unfold.

The meeting included break-out time when we could caucus with our people. The LREDA board, oncoming board members, and our administrator gathered via Zoom two days in a row to hear from me and from Christina Rivera, who was there representing administrators but is also up for election to the LREDA board in June. We discussed among ourselves the shifts or changes needed for LREDA to embrace being part of a joint Ethics Board. Then, the group reconvened and shared the wider wisdom from the diverse boards and groups. The fundamental question was, Does your board favor moving forward with this concept of a joint code of conduct and joint ethics board? Everyone reported, “Yes!

Let’s be clear, there is much work to do to continue exploring how this might work, but the importance of forging this deeper collegiality among our religious leaders cannot be underestimated.

The Collegial Conversation on Tuesday, June 18 in Spokane, as part of LREDA Professional Days, will be about the Ethics Summit. I hope all of you who are in Spokane will take part.

With a renewed hope that is grounded in reality,
Annie Scott

Annie Scott is the Director of Religious Education for Children, Youth and Families at Jefferson Unitarian Church, in Golden Colorado. She serves LREDA as President from 2017-2020.




LREDA Fall Conference 2019

Theologies of Suffering and Wholeness : Companions in Liberation

We are excited to announce our featured presenters for LREDA Fall Con 2019:

  • Rev. Sofia Betancourt, Assistant Professor of UU Theologies and Ethics at Starr King School for the Ministry
  • Dr. Elias Ortega-Aponte, incoming President of Meadville Lombard Theological School, and
  • Odyssey Presenter, Rev. Rosemary Bray McNatt, President of Starr King School for the Ministry

At our fall conference, we will explore a Unitarian Universalist Theology of Suffering and learn to better understand and embrace our Universalist Theology of Wholeness. The conference will balance going deep into these theologies while also providing concrete tools and skills for religious professionals to use when we encounter suffering and work for collective liberation.

New: Pre-Con for Religious Professionals of Color

Religious professionals of color are invited to come a day early and attend a half-day gathering followed by a reception at no additional registration cost.  In addition to the annual programming for POC caucusing during fall con, this will be an opportunity for professional development, networking, fellowship, and worship that addresses the unique concerns of religious educators and other religious professionals of color within our faith tradition. To suggest topics of conversation, to offer worship leadership, or to help organize this event, please contact Marisol Caballero at [email protected].

Schedule for POC Times on Nov. 7:

  • 1:00-5:00 pm POC pre-con
  • 5:15-6:00 Worship for POC
  • 6:15-7:30 Social time

Nov. 7: Pre-conference day including gatherings for Religious Educators of Color; LREDA Large and LREDA Small; Good Officers; and LREDA Committees
Nov. 8-10: The Conference – sessions with our featured presenters; workshops led by LREDA colleagues; embodied worship & spiritual practices; and opportunities for fellowship with colleagues
Nov. 10-12: Choose from two Renaissance Modules: Worship or Multicultural

Other Conference highlights include – A New DRE Training, local outings, and opportunities for hands-on justice making.

The details for all these amazing offerings are being finalized as this goes to print, and registration will be open soon. We'll let you know when it's ready.

Call for Workshop Presenters

Based on the positive feedback from last year, we are again inviting LREDA members to apply to present workshops at our 2019 Fall Conference. To apply, please complete the WORKSHOP PRESENTER APPLICATION

We hope to see you at Fall Con 2019!

LREDA Annual General Meeting

The 2018-19 Annual Meeting of the Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREDA) will be held during LREDA Professional Days on June 19th, 2019, 12:00-1:30 p.m. at the DoubleTree Spokane City Center by Hilton, in Grand Ballroom V, in Spokane, Washington. More information may be found here. A newly-updated AGM packet is available here.

We're happy to share that Sam Wilson has been put forward as the final candidate on the slate up for election to the LREDA Nominating Committee.

Sam Wilson
A portrait photo of a light-skinned smiling man with short dark hair, a mustache and beard. He's wearing a dark button-down shirt and a purple and blue abstract tieSam is in his 5th year as the Director of Youth Ministries at Winchester Unitarian Society, having previously advised youth at Main Line Unitarian Church in PA and others through the former Joseph Priestly District Youth Steering Committee. He also works as a "Guru" for an SAT Company and has otherwise taught art, English as a Second Language, GEDs, singing, and theatre. He is a Program Leader for the UU College of Social Justice, through which he has led several workshops and Activate Youth Justice trainings. He has also been on Youth Caucus staff twice at GA and led classes for Summer Seminary. This summer you can find him at Ferry Beach's Youth Camp and then leading Middle Schoolers at RE Week there, too. He particularly loves to: create art for social change,dance like no one's watching, embrace silliness, empower young people, sing karaoke, and lift up Unitarian Universalism as a beacon of hope for our world.

Online voting is now open! Click here to vote if you are unable to attend Professional Days in person.

Professional Day Collection Plate Recipient is Diverse Revolutionary Unitarian Universalist Multicultural Ministries (DRUUMM)

The DRUUMM logo: a circle divided into three colours - blue, yellow, and red - with "DRUUMM; since 1997" in the middleAs an all-volunteer organization, DRUUMM is embarking on a new strategy to expand the base, capacity, and structures of support for UU People of Color. DRUUMM at 20 years has established a renewed vision to increase outreach, engagement and connection with USA and Canadian UU People of Color, sustained through stronger infrastructure, organizing strategic one-on-one conversations, increased organizational communications, and targeted resources for local facilitators and organizers of local chapters.

The offering collected during worship in Spokane will go to DRUUMM; if you are unable to be there in person, you may contribute to this offering by donating here.


LREDA Professionals Days Workshop

Congregational Faith Formation – Growing in Faith, from "I" to "We”

Wednesday, June 19th, Spokane, Washington
The Fahs Collaborative Staff
Joy Berry, M.A., Assistant Director,
Mark A. Hicks, Ed.D. Director 

We usually think of faith development as an individual experience. But it’s not, especially during these challenging times when the standards for how to live and be in relation with each other are in desperate need of revisioning.  This workshop invites learners to consider faith formation as a congregation-wide approach to shared learning so that part of every congregation’s ministry has a better chance of transforming lives, deepening covenantal community, and supporting inclusive and just action beyond the church walls.
The workshop will feature current models and resources for congregational faith formation, and explore how religious professionals can work together to center faith development across generations, cultural identities and theological commitments.  This program welcomes both religious educators and ministers; church staff teams may find it especially helpful to attend together.

There are three levels of registration prices:

  • The Cost PLUS which pays for the expenses of the event plus a little more. $145
  • The Cost which is about what the event costs. $120
  • The Cost MINUS which tries to be a little more accessible. $75

Click here to register

The Sophia Lyon Fahs Lecture 2019

Thursday June 20, 2019, 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM          
Convention Center -- 100B

Whether we consider faith formation, growth, social justice and/or dismantling white supremacy, Unitarian Universalists could use an identity update. This presentation embraces who we are and challenges who we think we are. Seeing ourselves as a Community of Communities changes our future and it is key to the Beloved Community.

Paula Cole Jones serves as Interim Congregational Life Staff for the Central East Region of the Unitarian Universalist Association. She is a lifelong member of All Souls Church, Unitarian in Washington, DC.  Her experience in this multicultural congregation led to involvement as a leader in anti-racism, anti-oppression, and multicultural training and consulting with the Unitarian Universalist Association.  

Paula has years of experience as a Management Consultant specializing in group facilitation and institutional change.  In a previous career, she worked as a Natural Resource Manager with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and as an Environmental Specialist, with the District of Columbia Government. She is a past president of Diverse & Revolutionary Unitarian Universalist Multicultural Ministries (DRUUMM) and the founder of A Dialogue On Race & Ethnicity (ADORE).  Paula is the author of “Reconciliation as a Spiritual Discipline,” which appeared in the UU World magazine in 2004; a contributing author to three books, A People So Bold: Theology and Ministry for Unitarian Universalists, Darkening the Doorways, and Justice on Earth, which is this year’s UUA Common Read.  Paula is the editor of Encounters: Poems about race, ethnicity and identity, published by Skinner House Books.  Paula is co-author, along with Bruce Pollack-Johnson, of the 8th Principle which is being discussed by many UU congregations and has been adopted by some.  And last, Paula is honored to be invited to be the Sophia Fahs Lecturer at General Assembly this year.

News from Our Friends

Skinner House Books

a photo of a stack of the same book, fanned out. The book is Unitarian Universalist Pocket Guide, Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, editor. The cover features a flaming chalice on a background of multicoloured, collage-like art, fanned outSkinner House Books is thrilled to announce The Unitarian Universalist Pocket Guide, Sixth Edition, edited by Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray. The most complete introduction to Unitarian Universalism available, covering ministry, worship, religious education, social justice, community, and history. Extensively revised, the sixth edition gives voice to many individual Unitarian Universalists—people of all ages, coming from many backgrounds, and holding many beliefs—as they share their personal and deeply heartfelt testimonies. Contributors include Rosemary Bray McNatt, Erika Hewitt, Cheryl Walker, Jessica York, Elizabeth Nguyen, Aisha Hauser, Dan McKanan, and more. Foreword by lifelong Unitarian Universalist Melissa Harris-Perry.

Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray is the ninth president of the Unitarian Universalist Association. She was elected in June 2017 to a six-year term after serving congregations in Arizona, Ohio, and Tennessee. After leading the Unitarian Universalist response to Arizona’s anti-immigrant laws in 2010, she became lead organizer for the Arizona Immigration Ministry, among her other activism. She now lives in Massachusetts with her husband, Rev. Brian Frederick-Gray, and their son, Henry. The Unitarian Universalist Pocket Guide is available at inSpirit: The UU Book and Gift Shop. Bulk discounts are available.

The Rowe Center Certificate Program in Spiritual Guidance

The words "The Rowe Center Certificate Program in Spiritual Guidance" superimposed on a faded background, featuring a variety of religious symbolsDo you know anyone who might interested in becoming a UU spiritual director? The Rowe Spiritual Guidance training program is accepting applications for the 2019-2021 cohort, starting in September 2019. Please see the web site for more information: https://www.rowecenter.org/spiritual-guidance/.
In faith and fellowship,
Rev. Rudra Dundzila

Sophia Fahs Camp

photo of four rocks painted with the word "FAHS" on themOur regional UU organization, LIAC, offers a fabulous camp for children and youth entering grades 3-12.  It is called Sophia Fahs Camp and has been running for many many years.

This year the camp has moved to an upstate NY location and LIAC has received $20,000 to offer financial assistance to new campers.  Our usual attendees come from LI and the metro NY region.

We want to send out the word so that religious educators in the northeast can let their children/youth and parents know about this opportunity.

The website for Fahs is here:   https://www.liacuu.org/fahs.html#/  

Interested folks can contact [email protected] for more information.