2018/19 Issue Number 8

March 2019

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  4. Save the Dates!
  5. Professional Milestones
  6. Professional Development
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    2. Convo 2019
    3. Skinner House Books
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March Notes from the President

Annie Scott, LREDA President

So, often we liberal, white, Unitarian Universalists have a hard time believing we are part of the problem of racism and white supremacy. We struggle to see where white supremacy plays out in our lives. We reflect on our lives and can’t see when or where our parents and families trained us in white supremacy. I had a rude awakening in the last couple weeks.

I grew up in a musical family. My dad taught band, we sang in the car, my brothers and I took piano lessons starting in the third grade and the whole extended family sang Christmas carols each year. So, hearing about my grandfather’s quartets and trios was just part of the fabric. I had a vague memory of hearing that my grandfather, whom I adored, had sung in minstrel shows. In the recent weeks when ‘black face’ and minstrel shows were in the news that vague memory bubbled up for me. I googled my grandfather’s name, “minstrel show,” and the town they lived in. Very quickly, I saw headlines that horrified me.

What had been a vague notion from childhood became local newspaper stories about my beloved grandfather as a singer and actor in minstrel shows. There was an item about him being elected President of the club that sponsored some of the Minstrel Shows. As I sat with the pit in my stomach, I noticed the years and thought about how old my dad would have been. I imagined my lovely, gentle father as a seven, eight and nine-year-old watching and taking it all in as normal, white rural life. It helped me understand the insidiousness of how of white supremacy culture is passed from generation to generation- as a theoretical concept but as a lived experience. It had been normalized for them and it had been normalized for me. Recognizing the racism that was part of my family story is some of my work - personal, ancestral and sickening. I’m not even sure what all my feelings are in light of these facts, but sitting with the knot in my stomach, letting them sink in and become integrated into my own story and my family’s story is the personal side of my anti-racism work.  The LREDA Board and I are doing personal anti-racism work and we understand that there is also institutional work that is critical if we are to truly dismantle white supremacy.

The LREDA Board has hired Julica Hermann de la Fuente to be our consultant, our coach in decentering whiteness and dismantling white supremacy within LREDA. Julica was our powerful opening speaker at LREDA Fall Conference 2018. We have hired her to decenter whiteness in our board meetings, our finances, our decision-making processes and all the systems that maintain our organization.  We know, if we aren’t actively dismantling white supremacist culture, we are upholding it. We will share more as our work together unfolds, but please hold us in your hearts and prayers as we continue on this critical, joyful and hard journey.


Annie Scott is the Director of Religious Education for Children, Youth and Families at Jefferson Unitarian Church, in Golden Colorado. She serves LREDA as President from 2017-2020.

LREDA Nominating

A big THANK YOU to everyone who responded to the Nominating Committee’s Awesomeness Inventory (where you brag about your skills/interests) and Brag Page (where you talk about other folks' mad skills).  As much as these are simply online forms, they are also a crucial part of much larger work.  The nomination process gives our organization the opportunity to encourage new leaders, invest in PoC colleagues, honor the wisdom of long-time professionals, and create a model that embodies our shared values and goals as an organization.  

Reading the responses to the Brag Page reminds us that the LREDA membership is a strong community.  We work to see one another, we celebrate each other’s victories, and we have deep admiration for our colleagues.  Similarly, the Awesomeness Inventory is both a list of how folks think about serving and also an illustration of our belief in the organization.  LREDA has taken on the hard work of self-healing and pushing ourselves toward Justice.  It is amazing to see folks move forward and find a place where they can join the work.  

You have a chance to take an even bigger role in this process.  Do you like geeking out about team composition and individual power?  Do you want to talk about all the amazing people that make up LREDA?  We are currently working to fill positions on Nomination Committee.  Come join us! 

We continue to work with individual committees to create leadership teams that embody LREDA values.  Please continue to add to both Awesomeness Inventory and Brag Page. And, as always, if you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected] (or [email protected]).  Blessings!





Delegate Status at General Assembly (GA):

Last year’s work to change the UUA bylaws to support UUA GA delegate status for LREDA members at the Active level who are serving congregations is coming to bear fruit! The UUA has been working closely with LREDA to set up systems that will work for our members to be able to access their new right to vote.

Presently they are working on updating the credentialing documentation. If a congregation did not certify this year then their religious educator will not be eligible to participate as a delegate. You can track non-certified congregations here.

Larry Stritof, UUA Manager of Systems and App development in the IT Services department informs us “In terms of the process -- we're working on creating a web page where any user can go to determine if they are eligible to receive delegate credentials. This page will act as sort of a one-stop shop for Religious Educators, Ministers, and others who need help with the process. The credentials process will not begin until early April. When the system goes live we'll email all the congregations, ministers, and religious educators instructions.”

In late April/Early May the UUA Board will finalize its business agenda at which time we will learn which business is going to be debated and voted on.

Stritof reminds us: “It's worth noting and reiterating, because people get confused by this every year, delegate credentials do not constitute registration. They still need to register for GA if they plan on participating onsite or offsite.” Off-site registration in 2019 will be $160 until April 30 and $185 thereafter. Registration opens March 1, 2019.

There are no contested positions being voted on at this GA which means that an ELECTION isn't being held. Those running to fill open positions will be declared elected at GA.

As more information becomes available we will update the LREDA website.


Save the Dates!

June 18-19, 2019 LREDA Professional Days in Spokane, Washington, featuring "Congregational Faith Formation", with Dr. Mark Hicks and Joy Berry of the Fahs Collaborative

November 8-10, 2019 LREDA Fall Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, with optional programming before and after.

LREDA Professional Milestones

Milestones are self reported and can be sent to [email protected] for inclusion in the newsletter.

Pat Kahn, CRE-ML will be retiring following this year’s GA.  Pat joined the UUA’s Faith Development Office in 2011 and currently is the Professional Development Programs Manager. Prior to the UUA she served congregations in the Atlanta area for 15 years.  Thank you, Pat, for your many contributions supporting  LREDA and the professionalization of UU religious educators.

Professional Development

Very happy that UUUF (University Unitarian Universalist Fellowship) here in Orlando has agreed to host the Worship Renaissance Module March 28 - 30, 2019. We have home hospitality available for a fair number of attendees. First come first served.

This REN MOD is open to both RE Team members AND Worship Team members which is right in line with the idea of shared ministry.

Please share this information with your Worship/Program Teams and come on down to Orlando. Can't wait to see you! Click here to register.

News from our Friends


Connect to the power of the UU Crowd to fund what isn’t covered in the congregational budget. You can Faithify that! Now is the time to create a campaign for costs associated with UUA General Assembly 2019 in Spokane.

  • Is Youth Ministry part of your portfolio? Youth and Young Adult projects are the most successful campaign category on faithify.org (Currently 98% success rate!)
  • Professional development costs can add up. Did you know individuals can post campaigns for travel and registration on faithify.org?
  • Do you volunteer with a UU organization giving a workshop at GA? Raise funds for presenter travel or registration on faithfy.org!
  • Youth groups, seminarians, workshop presenters, artists, musicians, and others have successfully raised needed financial support to be part our denomination's annual business, networking, and learning gathering.

Wondering how to get started? Read Seven Tips to Faithify Your GA or drop in to chat with LREDA member and Faithify Project Manager Halcyon Westall for an online conversation, Faithify General Assembly Q&A: LREDA Edition, March 5th at noon or 5 pm ET. Can’t make it at those times? You can contact Halcyon at [email protected] with questions anytime!

Convo 2019






Call for Papers!
2019 Convocation of Unitarian and Universalist Studies

“Origins of Unitarianism, Universalism and Unitarian Universalism in America: Implications for Liberal Religious Thought and Practice Then and Now”

October 17-20, 2019 * Baltimore, Maryland

Sponsors: The Unitarian Universalist History and Heritage Society, 
Unitarian Universalist Collegium, and Murray Grove Retreat and Renewal Center.

The theme will be a celebration of the 200th anniversary of William Ellery Channing’s sermon “Unitarian Christianity” and the 250th anniversary of John Murray’s arrival in North America, looking at the theological and social justice implications of what they preached – not only in their time but in the decades that followed.

We invite participants and presenters to engage with the legacies of early Unitarian and Universalist historical figures and to consider the impact they had on shaping the theology, ethics, and practice of contemporary Unitarian Universalism.

Our Distinguished Scholars for this conference are: The Reverend Mark Harris, Minister of First Parish in Watertown, Massachusetts and Dr. Christopher Cameron, Assistant Professor of History at University of North Carolina, Charlotte.

We welcome a variety of submissions – academic papers, panel conversations, and dramatic historical readings. While preference will be given to submissions pertaining directly to the conference theme, we will accept proposals for any papers or projects that engage your interest related to the UU movement through a historical, theological, or ethical lens.

We are also accepting submissions for a Sermon Competition and a Worship Arts and Sacred Music Competition.

Original sermons, music, and other interactive liturgical elements will be considered for presentation in our morning worship services at the conference.

Presenters should submit a proposal through the online form
found at http://uuconvo.org/
by May 15, 2019.

Proposals should include an abstract of 300-500 words and provide an overview of the presentation’s content. It should also include one or two sentences of biographical information about the presenter(s). For sermons and original music, use the same form to submit your complete original work in written form.  Notification of whether a proposal has been accepted will be given by June 15, 2019.

For questions about submissions, please contact Convocation Program Co-Chairs:
Bob Reutenauer at [email protected]
Natalie Malter at [email protected]

Details about conference registration are forthcoming on Convocation 2019 website at http://uuconvo.org/

Skinner House Books

Skinner House Books is thrilled to announce The Interfaith Family Journal by Susan Katz Miller, an invaluable resource for couples and family members practicing different religions (or none). Interactive exercises and creative activities help interfaith families decide how they want to honor their histories, cultures, and beliefs in ways that nurture joy, creativity, and empowerment. This five-week program encourages deep reflection, intimate dialogue, constructive ways to engage with extended family, and strategies for connecting with local communities. With space for writing directly in the book, the Journal becomes a keepsake of the interfaith journey

Susan Katz Miller is a former correspondent for Newsweek and New Scientist, and her writing has been published in the New York Times, Washington Post, and elsewhere. She is the child of interfaith parents, the parent of interfaith children, and the author of Being Both: Embracing Two Religions in One Interfaith Family from Beacon Press. A leading expert on interfaith families, she has been featured on The Today Show, CBS, PBS, several NPR programs, and many other media outlets. The Interfaith Family Journal is available at inSpirit: The UU Book and Gift Shop.

UUA Faith Development Office

The UUA seeks nominations for the 2019 Angus H. MacLean Award for Excellence in Religious Education. The recipient will be selected by a committee headed by Gail Forsyth-Vail, Interim Director of the UUA Faith Development Office.

Find a full description of the award and and nomination instructions here.

Please note that the MacLean Award can recognize a leader in Unitarian Universalist religious education for many years of contributions, for significant mid-career accomplishment, or for their relatively recent, yet high impact, service to UU faith development.

If you have made a nomination in the past several years, your nomination is still active. However, you are welcome to provide a new, updated nomination letter and/or supporting materials.

Nominations are due by email on March 15, 2019.