The 21st Century Fund supplies grants which support innovative projects that serve Unitarian Universalist religious educators and the field of religious education. Projects funded include (but are not limited to) innovative programs, training opportunities, publications, electronic networks, and services for religious educators. The 21st Century Grant program is funded by the LREDA Endowment. Donations to the Endowment Fund are always welcome! The 21st Century Grant award rubric is available here

21st Century Fund Brochure

Then please email the following items to [email protected]

  • An Outline, Samples, or other illustrations of the content of the project, clearly labeled with the Project Title and your name.
  • A complete Project Budget, again including the Project Title and your name. 
  • A brief description of the applicant's qualifications & background and two references that can speak to their work & professionalism in the field of RE.

Include other ways that the funded project will be promoted and made available to the LREDA membership.
Funds will be awarded in amounts ranging from $500 - $5000 based on the scope of the project. Awards over $1,000 will be disbursed in increments to be negotiated with the recipient. Apply here. 

Questions? Please contact the 21st Century Fund Grant Committee grants(at)

2019-2020 21st Century Grant Committee
Beryl Aschenberg, chair

Paula Gribble
Correna Ness
Chris Pollina
Board Liaison, Juliet Donaldson, treasurer

Grant Recipients must include language crediting LREDA 21st Century fund as a funding source in all project materials.

LREDA Continental will have access to the materials created with 21st Century Funds which can be accessed by LREDA members via the LREDA website.

Applications must be received by December 31st. Grants will be awarded on March 1st & available for disbursement by March 15th.