Fall Conference

Fall con in the spring:

Faith made Real: Living the 8th Principle
April 20th-24th 2022

In Person $450, Online $125

Covid Safety Protocols:

In accordance with our UU principles, LREDA is committed to making this Fall Conference as safe and accessible as possible. We will be reviewing and updating our protocols as new information becomes available.

  • Please ensure you have received a booster shot prior to the start of the conference.

  • Attendees will need to provide proof of vaccination or proof of medical exemption (if not vaccinated) during in-person registration. If you have not been vaccinated and cannot provide proof of a medical exemption you will not be able to attend the conference.

  • There will be daily screening questions and a temperature check at the start of each day to confirm that people feel well. Once these questions have been answered and there is no indication of illness, attendees will receive a specially colored band indicating they have passed the screening test for that day. We will have rapid at home tests available for people to test if there is any concern.

  • All attendees should wear medical grade masks during all programming, even outside, except when eating / drinking. We will have a limited number of spare masks on hand for emergencies. Well Before has a good range of reasonably priced medical masks, so plan accordingly. Please do not use cloth masks.

  • We will offer lanyards with different colors to indicate contact comfort. So, for example a green lanyard would mean "I'm comfortable with hugs" Red and orange lanyards would indicate someone was being more cautious. Registrants will choose their preferred lanyard during in-person registration.

  • Meals and breaks will be located outside as much as possible, with indoor alternatives available if necessary.

  • We will plan to have as much programming outside as possible, weather permitting, to minimize the risk of Covid transmission. Please bring sunscreen, sun hats and a variety of clothing so that you can remain comfortable outside. For reference the weather in April in Birmingham averages a high of 75' with a low of 52'

  • Please do not wear perfume or strongly scented personal products during the conference.

  • We will reassess these protocols as we get closer to the date.

About the Conference:

This conference will be a deep dive into the work of the 8th Principle, grounded in Civil Rights History and will include a visit to the Legacy Museum: From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration

The conference content will support Religious Educators in their individual and congregational anti-racism and anti-oppression work. We'll engage with strategies to dismantle white supremacy within our Unitarian Universalist spaces, and where our power lies to create a Unitarian Universalism where faith can be made real.

Religious Educators who are Black, Indigenous, and other members of the Global Majority will be affirmed into a LREDA community of support, encouragement, and learning. 

White Religious Educators can expect to be challenged and stretched in their places of power and privilege.

Intentional space will be made for people of all identities to process the feelings that will arise during this conference. 

The LREDA Board is committed to offering a conference that centers liberation, love and community care rooted in our Unitarian Universalist faith.

Eleanor VanDeusen - LREDA Board Member at Large - Continental Events

Katharine Childs - Fall Con Planning Chair

If you have prepaid for all or part of the conference, look for an email from Juliet with a discount code. Use this discount code during the registration process to adjust the amount due.

Fall Conference Scholarships

Fall Conference Scholarships are available. Apply today, priority given to those with marginalized identities.

apply for a fall con scholarship

About the Legacy Museum

This year the conference includes a visit to the Legacy Museum in Montgomery, AL on Thursday, April 21st.

The Legacy Museum: From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration is situated on a site in Montgomery where Black people were forced to labor in bondage. Blocks from one of the most prominent slave auction spaces in America, the Legacy Museum is steps away from the rail station where tens of thousands of Black people were trafficked during the 19th century.

Renaissance Module at Fall Conference

Spiritual Care Training for Religious Educators

LREDA will be hosting the Renaissance Module, Spiritual Care for Religious Educators, immediately after the Fall Conference from:

2:00 PM on Sunday Apr 24th until 4:00 PM on Monday Apr 25th.

Registration is a sliding scale from $275-$350 and is part of the main registration process above.

Scholarships of 50% are available, apply below.

The class will be based on the Spiritual Care webinar developed by the Congregational Life Staff of the UUA through the UU Leadership Institute. 

There will be approximately 8 hours of pre-work prior to class. With completion of a project, the course qualifies for religious education credentialing. For credit, participants must attend all meeting times:

  • Virtual: Saturday, March 19, 1-4 p.m. Eastern
  • In person, post conference at the hotel: Sunday, April 24, 2-6 p.m. and Monday, April 25, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
Facilitated by Rev. Sunshine Wolf and Lauren Wyeth our LREDA Board Vice President.

Many parents, teens, and children turn first to their Religious Educator for pastoral care; being prepared to receive those conversations is the focus of this course. Topics covered include: active listening skills, emotional awareness, understanding multiculturalism and anti-oppression, professional ethics, death and grief, mental health, addiction, care for all ages and stages, and resources for additional support.

Additional Fall Conference Programming

Wednesday April 20th, 1:30-5:00 PM: BIPOC Half-Day

A half-day pre-conference gathering especially for Religious Educators of Color on the afternoon of Wednesday April 20th. There is no additional charge to attend this program.

Wednesday April 20th, 5:00 -6:00 PM: First Time Attendee Meet & Greet

Join other folks attending their first LREDA conference to meet new people and make new friends! There is no additional charge to attend this program.

Wednesday April 20th, 9:00 AM-12:00 PM:  LREDA Large & Small Programming

A half day program for those serving either large or small congregations. This includes a program on a topic of special interest, opportunities for engagement with religious educators of other similar congregations and lunch. There is a sliding scale additional fee for these programs.


Hotel booking is now available as part of the Registration Portal

We are offering rooms at The Westin for $159 and The Sheraton for $139. We encourage conference attendees, where possible, to stay in these hotels as LREDA receives discounts on our conference space dependent on the number of rooms booked.

The Westin Hotel, Birmingham, AL

The Sheraton Hotel, Birmingham, AL

About the lreda fall conference

Our Fall Conference generally occurs in the fall with over three days of special programming, including a keynote speaker, worship, a variety of workshops, and special interest meetings, Good Officer training, and the latest resources- all with the goal of educating, networking, and connecting religious educators from across the continent.  Your ideas for future themes and names of speakers can be emailed to Eleanor at  continentalevents@lreda.org ,  and they will be considered by the Board and the Fall Con Planning Team.  Click on any of the hashtags below to view resources & videos from past Fall Cons.

Widening the Circle


Theologies of Suffering & Wholeness


Changing the Narrative