our commitments to you

Covenant Ribbons by Joy Berry

Developing Chapter Leadership

LREDA serves its commitment to the ongoing professional development of its members by providing continuous education, networking and sharing resources, advocating for professional recognition, and providing assistance and encouragement for religious educators.  

In partnership with the Unitarian Universalist Association, we encourage participation in the Religious Education Credentialing program.  

Kirsten, our Leadership Development  board member works with LREDA Chapter Leaders, the LREDA Committee on Mentoring, the Credentialing Scholarship Committee, LREDA Large and Small, and liaises with UUA's Renaissance and Credentialing programs.  Email Kirsten here.

The 2021 Board with our 2021 Professional Day Contributors

Professional Support

Central to LREDA's mission is active support and advocacy for religious educators.  Ongoing advocacy and relationship building is inherent in the work of the Board and a lens through which all governance concerns itself.  Contact Jude, LREDA's current Professional Support portfolio holder for more information.