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LREDA Giving Opportunities

LREDA funds exist because of generous donations from regular LREDA members like you! They rely on your generosity.  Please check out the following funds and donate as liberally as you feel able. Thank you for your generosity. 

Fall Con 2020 Collection

Your generous contribution will go the National Voting Rights Museum and Institute. Please be sure to mark your contribution "Fall Con collection."  Click here to make a donation.



 The LREDA Endowment Fund

Endowment hands

Your contributions to the LREDA Endowment will increase the pool of money available each year, and will help ensure long term support of LREDA, its mission and its service to religious educators.  The LREDA Endowment Fund was established to support the mission of LREDA in serving Unitarian Universalist religious educators through innovative and supportive programs and services which augment those that are made possible by the dues of the members. The Endowment Committee encourages donations to the fund and monitors the investment. Funds are held and professionally managed in the UUA Common Endowment Fund. Only the profit from the investments may be spent each year, and that amount is disbursed by the LREDA Board for programs such as the Sophia Fahs Lecture and grants from the LREDA 21st Century Fund.

Support LREDA's Endowment


The Fall Conference Scholarship Fund

Contributions to the Scholarship Fund are used to assist those religious educators whose professional expenses do not cover the cost of attending LREDA’s Fall Conference. This is a way of making attendance at Fall Conference more equitable and accessible. Your generosity will allow more religious educators to benefit from continuing education, networking and the renewal gained from having this time with colleagues. 

Donate to the Fall Conference Scholarship Fund


The LREDA Sophia Lyon Fahs Lecture Fund

This fund pays for the Sophia Lyon Fahs lecturer each year at the UUA General Assembly. The purpose of the Fahs Lecture is to present a speaker on the topic of religious education to this wide and diverse gathering of lay and professional Unitarian Universalists. The speaker's role is to address some aspect of the sacred work of "leading out" learners of all ages, "educare," to help us have deeper understandings, higher visions, and renewed inspirations for this ministry.

The Fahs Lecture is named in honor of Sophia Lyon Fahs, the religious educator who in the mid-20th century shaped the course of Unitarian Universalist religious education. Her insights - including the notion that children develop religious understanding from their interaction with the world - revolutionized how we teach.

Donate to the Fahs Lecture Fund

The LREDA RE Credentialing Scholarship

LREDA provides scholarship assistance for education and trainings for those in the credentialing program. To be awarded a scholarship, applicants need to be active in the credentialing program and be members of LREDA in good standing.

Donate to the RE Credentialing Scholarship


The LREDA Life Member Donation 

LREDA Life members are our greatest treasure. Your experience and wisdom bring deep riches to our organization. Often, during the LREDA membership season, LREDA Life members are moved to donate to the LREDA general fund. 

Donate to the General Fund "Life Member Donation" 


UUA's Umbrella Giving Program

Your planned gift in support of LREDA ensures our faith will be vibrant for generations yet to come. Planned giving is a wonderful way to provide for Unitarian Universalism while making sound financial plans for yourself and your family. 

Learn More about the Umbrella Giving Program


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