How do I find my invoices? Did I pay my dues? 
To see your invoices log in using your LREDA username and password, navigate to “My Profile”, select the “My Profile” tab and invoices will be the sixth tab in the drop-down menu. 

How do I search the LREDA Member Directory? 
Login, navigate to the “My LREDA” tab and choose the membership directory in the green drop-down menu. Here you can search by name or by an attribute like chapter or good officer status.

How do I find support nearby? 
LREDA Chapters function as a separate entity with its own leadership structure, support systems, and dues structure. Is it in LREDA's fifteen chapters where religious educators most often meet and support one another through the day-to-day joys and challenges of the work. Find your chapter here

I am having an issue in my congregation and need professional support. 
Good Officers are LREDA members who have engaged in specialized training to address the particular challenges which face religious educators and those engaged in Unitarian Universalist ministries, including that arise within staff teams. Good Officers consult with religious educators, especially those in congregational settings, to offer clarity, support, and guidance. Good Officers can be found throughout the continent. Find out more about the Good Offices Program, including a list of current Good Officers, ready to help.

Are there professional practices that LREDA members are expected to uphold? 
LREDA members pledge to hold themselves ethically accountable to the LREDA Code of Professional Practices.

Our congregation is searching for a religious educator. Are there guidelines? 
See the LREDA document "Best Practices for Employment of Religous Educational Professionals." 

How much does it cost to attend to the Continental LREDA Fall Conference?
In past years registration as been $400, early bird, $435 regular. This does not include all meals, housing or transportation.