Serving on the LREDA Board

As their terms serving the LREDA Board turn toward the final stretch, Karen LoBracco and Meagan Henry share the things they have learned and enjoyed about serving LREDA members. 


From the Treasurer's Bench, 

For the past 2.5 years I have served our profession as LREDA’s Treasurer. Like most interesting jobs it has been dynamic, requiring me to learn and stretch. Every new opportunity that LREDA took advantage of – accepting donations of stock, grant applications, managing the transition from Administrator as contractor to employee, accepting a large Endowment donation for the Chapter Challenge program – all required some restructuring on my part to adapt to this new world. I have learned so much!

The other benefit of serving on the LREDA Board has been the opportunity to meet and get to know so many of you! On the Board, through the committees and working groups as well as at our professional gathering, I have had the joy of moving from “I recognize that NAME” to “I know that PERSON and a bit of their story”. What a gift!

At our most recent Fall Conference we tackled four “Tough Topics”, and money was one of them. As treasurer I applaud the power money has to help us achieve our dreams, and so I work to reduce our costs and maximize our income so we can fund more dreams. Those dreams are about connection and support in good times and in bad, about new ways of approaching the challenges of Unitarian Universalist faith development, and being the best professional we can be. Unfortunately, even when specifically summoned by the LREDA Board, my magic wand has proven to be quite ineffective in conjuring up extra money. Disappointing, so as treasurer I am forced to fall back on the old standbys of realistic planning and careful management.
LREDA is a vital force in our UU world and the communities we serve because of your generous support and sharing of your funds, your time and your wisdom. Thank you!

In Faith,

Karen LoBracco


Dear Colleagues,

It's hard to believe my term as your LREDA Board Member with the Professional Support portfolio is almost over! It is truly an honor to serve in this position, and I'm grateful to have this opportunity to grow and to learn. Most of all, I’m grateful to serve you, the inspiring and dedicated members of LREDA.

Professional Support is key to our members and the services offered by our Good Officers is vital for the health of our profession. As the coordinator for this program, I’ve learned of the many challenges faced by our Religious Educators, and I’ve witnessed the struggles and joys around the work we do. I’m proud of the fact that we updated our Code of Professional Practice and I’m looking forward to finishing updates to our Guidelines. These resources are available online for anyone to read and I view this as a service to all religious professionals, not only our members. I’ve established a link to my counterpart in the UUMA and I hope my successor with continue to build upon this relationship so that we will have better knowledge and a clearer understanding of our respective roles and responsibilities to our members.

One of the most challenging aspects of my term has been trying to figure out how to best support and in some cases, revive local LREDA Chapters. We have some Chapters with religious educators who find great value in meeting regularly, either in person or online for worship, reflection, program sharing, and problem solving. These folks provide an incredibly supportive and vital link to one another and enable many of us who tend to be fairly isolated in our work to have a professional growth community. In other Chapter areas, I see that many religious educators have not had the opportunity to benefit from this collegiality and support. Therefore, they don’t know how beneficial it is and they do not feel the need to engage in Chapter or cluster gatherings. However, there are some exciting new initiatives happening that I hope will bring more religious educators into supportive communities of growth and learning, such as the MidAmerica LREDA Learning Collaborative initiated by Nancy Combs-Morgan and explained in more detail here.

I must share with you all the thing I've enjoyed the most about my position is getting to know so many of you over the past 2 and 1/2 years. You inspire me to strive to continue to improve and seek new ways to enhance my work and spiritual growth every day. Serving on the LREDA Board is truly an honor! I look forward to seeing our professional organization’s next steps.

With Gratitude,
Meagan Henry



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