2019/20 Issue Number 6

December 2019

In This Issue...

  1. December Notes
  2. Dues Survey
  3. Fall Con Gratitude
  4. Town Hall
  5. 21st Century Fund
  6. Sacred Skills
  7. Parliamentary Task Group
  8. UUSC: Learning
  9. Milestones

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December Notes from the President

picture of woman with silver hair and glassesDear LREDA Members,

Recently I was reading about Rev. Ethelred Brown, who found his faith by listening to his own voice when learning about the Trinity. It didn’t make sense to his young ears as he sat in a pew on Easter morning in Jamaica. He traveled to the United States to seek a faith that did make sense to him and turned it into a life of leading Unitarians in their faith at the Harlem Community Church in New York City.  

Then I was reading about the Iowa Sisterhood, who I have long admired for setting up churches in the midwest to bring Unitarianism to families in the then-isolated and empty pulpits. I was absolutely giddy when I heard that two of the leaders of this 1800s movement, Mary Safford and Eleanor Gordon, retired to Orlando, Florida where I now live. These women are now part of my ancestry since they planted the First Unitarian Orlando Church where I am now a member. 

Sophia Lyson Fahs and Angus MacLean and so many other early religious educators shared their love of learning and faith by creating developmentally appropriate curriculum and preparing leaders to attend to the lifespan needs of our Unitarian and Universalist communities. These ancestors created the groundwork for an evolving faith rooted in love and faithful work. 

Today our LREDA community often drives this evolving faith forward as we bring actively Anti-Racist, Anti-Oppressive and Multi-Cultural (ARAOMC) work into our Unitarian Universalist communities. Like our ancestors before us, we see needs and seek to fill them. We see injustice and work to right it. We impact our UU worlds by leading Teach Ins, joining the Transformative Hearts Collective in online learning, and we journey together on Unitarian Universalist Service Committee trips to be a border witness in these sacred spaces. We show up when we can to LREDA conferences and Professional Days to learn from one another and leaders in our faith and work. So many other places where religious educators show up to do the work. LREDA supports you by providing tools and partnerships that help us all make a difference in the world. Your LREDA board supports you in this collective work for liberation. 

We know that LREDA is known as a driving force in Unitarian Universalism. Whether we are advocating for change, supporting our sibling organizations in shared ministry, or learning together, there is a hopeful change that we can get serious about anti-racism, ableism, anti-oppression. Let’s show our appreciation to our ancestors as we continue their work toward a more just society.  Just know that LREDA sees you: watching for ”the asks,” looking for “the needs,” and joining LREDA colleagues in leadership. I see you answering “the call,” sometimes to join a task force, sometimes to provide an hour or two of support at a conference, and sometimes to be thought partners in how we can do better together. It all counts. It all adds up. Thank you all for being on this journey together.

​Blessings, ​


Linnea Nelson

President, LREDA

LREDA Dues Survey - 2 minutes of your time can help us all!Survey Graphic

LREDA is reviewing how we charge membership dues to ensure that we can meet the future needs of our members in a just and equitable fashion.

In order to help us we would love all current LREDA members to complete this anonymous survey. It shouldn't take longer than 2 minutes. Please only complete this survey once!


LREDA Fall Con 2019
The LREDA Board, on behalf of all of our membership, thanks to the countless volunteers who planned and implemented the Fall Conference under the direction of Board Member Eleanor Van Duessen and Katharine Childs.

We also express our deep gratitude towards Kari Kopnick, LREDA Administrator, for her work making Fall Con happen.

We are working on the location of the next LREDA conference and we will share it with you as soon as it is confirmed!

 Graphic that says LREDA Town Hall Dec 10th

Please join us for a Town Hall on Dec. 10th at 12noon PT/1pm MT/2pm CT/3 pm ET.

We’ll use this time during this busy month to slow down and take a breath as we explore spiritual practices

graphic advertising the 21st century fund grant, deadline Dec 31st
Do you have a great idea that would benefit religious educators or the field of religious education, but you need funding?

The 21st Century Fund supplies grants which support innovative projects that serve Unitarian Universalist religious educators and the field of religious education. Projects funded include (but are not limited to) innovative programs, training opportunities, publications, electronic networks, and services for religious educators. The 21st Century Grant program is funded by the LREDA Endowment.

Deadline to apply is December 31st.

Sacred Skills: Free Resource

Sacred Skills learning and serving together logoYou can access Sacred Skills: learning and serving together for free resources to share with RE Teachers. A work in progress, so far it includes videos and presentations on special needs, classroom management, snippets of UU History in America, bringing spiritual practices into the classroom, preparing spiritually for class...and more.

If you don’t have enough face to face time with RE Teachers or a specific question needs a longer response, check out the growing list of resources online Sacred Skills: Learning and serving together.

Share widely, it’s free because of a generous grant from a 2019 21st Century LREDA Grant!

Graphic that says Parliamentary Task Group
The LREDA Board is seeking individuals who have a particular interest in the vision of a parliamentary procedure task group. We will be looking to have a diverse group and would be pleased to have people who have some background in parliamentary procedure and/or group process.

Please complete the application form by filling it in directly and sending it as an attachment in an email to Vice President,
Rev. Samaya Oakley, at soakley (at) uuma.org prior to
December 15, 2019.

In order to equitably choose the four individuals who will serve on this task group, we ask you to complete the application so we may all know the same information about each applicant.
Information here
 Graphic that says Unitarian Universalist College of Social Justice
January 2020 Root Causes Delegation to El Salvador
The UU College of Social Justice has organized a special journey for religious leaders to El Salvador January 19-26, 2020, with UUSC partner Cristosal. Through this deep dive into the realities of one of the countries driving migration to the US, religious leaders will strengthen their capacity to support and lead their communities in the struggle for migrant justice. We are particularly encouraging religious educators to apply; generous scholarship help is available. 

Spring Border Witness for Religious Leaders

Join UUSC President Mary Katherine Morn and other religious leaders in this UU College of Social Justice Border Witness journey to Tucson, AZ, April 13-17, 2020. These five days offer an immersive experience into the realities of the US/Mexico border and will inspire your own activism and equip you to help deepen that of your congregation, through a deeper understanding of what migration justice might look like.  We are particularly encouraging religious educators to apply; generous scholarship help is available.


Lynne Weygint, lifelong Unitarian Universalist, retired in September after five years as Director of Community Engagement (including lifespan RE) at First Parish in Waltham, MA. Prior to that, she had served First Parish in Lexington, MA as DRE for 10 years. Lynne felt called to this work after volunteering extensively in the RE program at Follen Community Church, also in Lexington, for 12 years while raising her two sons in that congregation.

During her career, Lynne held many volunteer positions in the New England region of LREDA. She was the treasurer for four years, and vice president for two.  She also co-taught in the Renaissance program and served the LREDA community as a Good Officer for the past five years.  Lynne was treasurer of the Unitarian Sunday School Society from 2005 - 2009.  She has been actively involved in leadership of the Lifespan Religious Education Conference (now the Faith Development Conference) on Star Island, most recently as co-chair for the past two years. 

We thank her for her many years of service to our profession and to Unitarian Universalism.