Our Cherished Pets 




I am Bilbo, Thing of Death.  My mom is Eleanor. In the same day, I brought home a mouse I killed and chewed a lamp chord.  Check out my proud face!





I am Lola and a natural Philosopher . . .  and so Meta.  "Dog reclining under the Dogwood."  My dad is Jude. 






Picante: And then this one time...  Harley: You're getting a little sister they said, it'll help keep you young they said....they lied. Our mom is Chris.  






October (Toby), Harbinger of 4am, Slayer of Cave Crickets, Finder of Boxes, Opener of Cabinet Doors - First of His Name.  My dad is Jude.  






I am Rosie and dressed for Tour de Corgi.  My mom is Eleanor.  






 Hi.  True & Sebastian, here.  Our mom, Aisha, found us on a beach in Colombia when we were itty bitty puppies.  We live in Seattle now.  Look how big we are!





I'm Zoe, which is Greek for "life."  I also go by Zohan Underfoot and my mom is Avianca.  I weigh 54 lbs. but am a giant mush.  Do NOT leave any open doors around me because I'll always make a mad dash for them.  





Besties - Lola & Toby


Lola and Toby, besties.