Presenter Guidelines

Guide for Worship Leaders, Workshop Presenters, and All Speakers 

• BE SEEN — Use PowerPoint instead of handouts. If handouts are absolutely necessary, use large print. Elevate Yourself if possible.

• BE HEARD — Every speaker use a microphone. Don't cover your mouth when speaking.

• SCENT SENSITIVITIES — Do not use scented candles, incense, or perfumes.

• BE MINDFUL OF CULTURAL APPROPRIATION — Credit your source & explain why you chose the material. Respect that which is sacred to a culture. Include contemporary as well as historic references.

• Say "RISE IN BODY OR IN SPIRIT." Do not block aisles or exits.


• RESPECT COPYRIGHTS Obtain permission when necessary, credit sources, use PowerPoint.

• HONOR DIVERSITY — Age, rage, ethnicity, religion, class, gender, sexual identity, affectional identity, cultural, physical ability.


• DON'T MAKE ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT OTHERS. Many identities and physical sensitivities are not obvious.

These guidelines were created by the LREDA Integrity Team. The UUA uses these guidelines for all presenters at General Assembly, and you can use them in your congregation also.

(Download a printable pdf)