Priorities and Policies for Religious Education Credentialing Scholarship Funds

Purpose of Funds

The purpose of the fund is to support Religious Educators with their educational needs during the credentialing process.  To that end:  

  • The LREDA Finance committee approves individuals into the scholarship program, not a specific training that they are planning to take.

  • The exact number of trainings approved would be dependent on the number of applicants in a given year.

  • Any training approved by the UUA RE Credentialing Office is eligible for reimbursement.  Funds will be awarded for up to 50% of educational events such as Renaissance Module registration, registration for other trainings (such as OWL, Spirit Play, etc.), registration for learnings like RE Week at the Mountain or Ferry Beach, college courses, and graduate courses.

  • Funds may also be spent on travel, lodging, and food for such training events, including travel, lodging, and food to attend the evaluative meeting with the Religious Education Credentialing Committee.  The Fund does not pay for books.  These funds may not be applied to the LREDA Fall Conference registration or to General Assembly registration. 

  • Scholarship applications will be solicited twice a year on October 1st - November 15th and February 1st - February 28th.  Applicants for the Associate and Credentialed Levels, if approved, would be eligible for reimbursement for two or three Renaissance Modules or other 15 hour approved trainings in the following one year period.  The awardee will submit the payment request (at the award rate) to the Scholarship Committee Chair.  LREDA reserves the right to verify that a scholarship applicant is an active participant in the credentialing program.  

  • Approved applicants may apply again in the following year’s application period.  LREDA will verify that the applicant is making significant progress in the program.  The applicant's congregation would again be contacted and encouraged to increase support of their religious educator's professional expenses.

Management of Funds

  • In any given fiscal year, the LREDA Finance Committee may award up to, but not exceed, ⅓ of the monies in the scholarship fund.

  • Funds are available to credentialing candidates in this manner:

20% to candidates at the Associate level
50% to candidates at the Credentialed level 
30% to candidates at the Master level

  • The committee may only award up to 50% of the expense of the educational activities of applicants including half of travel and lodging expenses for these trainings as well as half of the travel and lodging for the Credentialing interview. 

Criteria for selecting scholarship awards

  • To be awarded a scholarship, applicants need to be active in the credentialing program and be members of LREDA in good standing.

  • The first level of screening of applications is need-based.  The second level of screening is to support people in traditionally marginalized populations within the profession of Religious Education.  A third level of screening is to give priority to those who have not received a scholarship in the past.

  • Should there be more applicants deserving of scholarships than funds available, the committee may develop a fourth level of screening for Board approval or offer amounts of less than 50% for activities to the applicants (as long as this offer does not conflict with the needs based screen).

Responsibilities of recipients

  • Awardees will supply LREDA with the appropriate names of people to be informed of the scholarship award from their home congregation.

  • It is expected that recipients of the funds participate fully in the educational activity for which they receive funding.

  • It is preferred that awardees submit receipts for reimbursement, but in extenuating circumstances, funds may be sent directly to an educational entity.  Receipts must be submitted using the Scholarship Funds Request Form (see below).

  • Any funds not used within one calendar year of the award revert back to the LREDA Credentialing Scholarship Fund. 

Applying for a scholarship