LREDA Endowment Funding the Future: Congregational Campaign!

Use this packet for tools to help you promote donations to our LREDA Endowment Fund in your congregation! For more information click below: 

LREDA Endowment, Funding the Future: Congregational Campaign! 


LREDA's Endowment


The LREDA Endowment Fund was established to support the mission of LREDA in serving Unitarian Universalist religious educators through innovative and supportive programs and services which augment those that are made possible by the dues of the members. The Endowment Committee encourages donations to the fund and monitors the investment, responsibly and sustainably maintained as part of the UU Common Endowment Fund. The income distribution rate will provide funding for LREDA programming for generations to come.


Support the Endowment Today

With your gift we can...

• Give more scholarships for professional development—imagine if every religious educator could come to Fall Conference and if LREDA could help more with scholarships for other professional development.
• Fund innovative projects by religious educators across the continent as part of the 21st Century program.
• Provide support to LREDA Chapters for local programming, and those educators isolated from colleagues.
• Support the dynamic Sophia Fahs Lecture speakers at General Assembly.
• More financial assistance to religious educators in the Credentialing Program.

What are YOUR dreams for LREDA?

LREDA Endowment Campaign Donors

Profiles of LREDA Endowment Campaign Donors

Way of Giving

Current Gifts:
• Cash or Stock Donation
• Sustained Giving—a monthly gift on your charge card or bank account
• Gifts in honor of a religious educator upon milestones like credentialing, anniversaries, or retirement
• Gifts in memory of religious educators
• Collections by your congregation

Planned Giving:
• Bequest in your will
• Beneficiary of retirement account or life insurance
• UUA Umbrella Giving

LREDA Legacy Circle:
Inform us of your planned gift intentions so we can recognize you in our Legacy Circle. You will also be a Legacy Circle member with a current donation(s) totaling $2,400 or more.

Your contributions to the LREDA Endowment will increase the pool of money available each year, and will help ensure long term support of LREDA, its mission and its service to religious educators. Thank you for your contribution!


Donations are gratefully received through postal mail as well.

18685 Main St., Suite 101122
Huntington Beach CA 92648

A receipt will be mailed to you, electronically if an email address is provided, and through the post if it is not. 


The LREDA Endowment Fund

Adopted October, 2013

1. Purpose

The purpose of The Endowment Fund (the Fund) is to support the mission of LREDA in serving Unitarian Universalist religious educators through innovative and supportive programs and services which augment those that are made possible by the dues of the members.

2. Governance

The ultimate decision making power for the Fund lies with the LREDA Board and membership. The LREDA Board shall appoint:

The Endowment Committee of the LREDA Board with a liaison to the LREDA Board.

  • members shall serve staggered three year terms.

  • members shall serve no more than two terms in succession. After two years the member could be reappointed.

  • the chair shall be elected by the committee members.

  • members may be removed by the LREDA Board at any time without cause.

The Endowment Committee shall:

  • be the ongoing fundraising body for the Fund.

  • monitor the account of the Fund, and recommend to the LREDA Board an appropriate annual distribution thereof, following the requirements of paragraph 5 below.

  • periodically review the LREDA Gift Acceptance Policy which articulates policies for the solicitation of charitable gifts to LREDA and propose changes to the LREDA Board when appropriate.

  • report no less than annually to the LREDA Board and membership.

The Twenty First Century Fund Committee of the LREDA Board, which shall

  • propose granting criteria to the LREDA Board for approval.

  • create and conduct a granting process based on the approved criteria including: solicit applications, receive and evaluate proposals, and approve funding.

  • maintain a collaborative arrangement with The Endowment Committee sharing such information helpful to fund raising for the Fund.  

  • report no less than annually to the LREDA Board and membership.  

3. Ongoing Solicitation of Funds

The Endowment Committee shall oversee all fundraising for the Fund including:

  • offer ongoing opportunities for donations to the Fund.

  • maintain a legacy gift program.

  • assess the need for special appeals, propose same to the LREDA Board, and oversee such appeals.

4. Investment of Funds

The Fund’s cash assets shall be invested in the UU Common Endowment Fund. When non-cash assets are received as gifts, The Endowment Committee shall recommend their disposition to the LREDA Board for approval.

5. Use of the Funds

Only the income from the Fund may be used, and this shall be restricted to an annual amount that enables the Fund to keep pace with inflation and/or enjoy modest growth. The income drawn will be limited in accordance with prudent endowment guidelines recommended by the UUA Common Endowment Fund. The current recommended withdrawal of income is at the rate of 4.5% of the average market value of the Fund over the most recent thirteen quarters.

Income from the Fund is to be used for programs and services to UU religious educators and religious education beyond those ordinarily made possible by the dues of the members. Such programs could include but are not limited to innovative programs, presenters for the Fahs Lecture, scholarships, the establishment of new services, et cetera.

The LREDA Board shall annually apportion the income from the Fund among various uses, and inform the 21st Century Committee the amount it has available to award in grants.

6. Dissolution of the Fund

In the lamentable event that LREDA decides to disband, it can, by vote of the membership, withdraw part or all of its funds and decide on their use. (For instance, it could give a portion of its funds to a theological school for religious education and/or the UUA for scholarships for religious educators.) Assets remaining in the fund upon dissolution of LREDA are to be transferred to the UUA General Endowment Fund.

7. Changes

Changes in these provisions for the LREDA Endowment Fund, including any expenditure of part of the principal beyond the distribution described in paragraph 5, may be made by majority vote of the membership at a duly called meeting. Notice of such meeting must be sent to the LREDA membership at least 30 days prior to the meeting, including the purpose of the meeting. Said notice may be either by email to each member and posting to the home page of the LREDA website, or by US postal mail to each member.