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Strong RE Programs Begin with Strong Leaders

Strong RE Programs Begin with Strong Leaders

NEW! September E-Update

From Dana Regan, Continental Events portfolio of the Board

1. LREDA Fall Con is in Decatur, GA (near Atlanta), Friday, October 17 to Monday, October 20, 2014. The theme is Best Practices in Shared Ministry and there will be several different areas covered. Friday night will open with the lively Meg Barnhouse, and Sunday includes some free time for exploring the Atlanta area. Our Sunday evening Odyssey presenter after the banquet is Susan Davison Archer.

Special offering this year is the UUMA's "Who Are Our Neighbors?" training in intercultural communication on Thursday, October 16 (9 am- 5 pm) and Friday, October 17 (9 am to 1 pm). Register early as enrollment is limited!

New DRE training is available Friday, October 17, (8 am to 3 pm) and Good Officer training (Chapter endorsement required—see application process) is Friday, October 17 (1-5 pm). Small Add-on is Monday, October 20 (12:30 pm to 3 pm), and LARGE Add-on is Tuesday, October 21 (9 am-3 pm). These options and their prices are included in the registration form. The weekend also includes the ever-popular bookstore, mentoring training event, Chapter Chair free breakfast, morning spiritual practices, worship and vespers, Sunday Sing, reports, and our Annual Meeting among other events.

Please register by the POSTMARK DEADLINE OF SEPTEMBER 22 OR CREDIT CARD PAYMENT DEADLINE OF OCTOBER 6. Late registrations will be assessed a late fee and may not be eligible for the meals included with the registration fee. Allow 2 weeks for mail to reach Canada from the U.S. To avoid the possibility of mail not arriving in time, we invite you to pay via credit card. Cancellations received after September 18 and before October 8 will incur a $75 fee. No refunds after October 8 except in extenuating circumstances.  

2. Calling all videographers!

The Fall Conference Planning Committee is working with Rev. Dr. Randolph Becker to offer a video recording of the Keynote Speakers,  Follow-up Workshops, and other important information presented this year. We are looking for 4 people who are coming to the Fall Conference who have video cameras and tripods (or some steadying device). Working with Rev. Becker we will be able to: 

            a.  Record each workshop session

            b.  Eliminate note-taking for our attendees

            c.  Offer it on our website afterward for both attendees and members who were not able to attend

            d.  Keep our costs down

If you are willing to bring your camera and tripod to help us, please contact Dana Regan by October 7, 2014.

3. Transitions Survey
Have you retired, changed jobs or are between jobs? Your LREDA Board is engaged in an effort to track that information this year. Though we may continue gathering data a bit longer, we do want to have a report ready for the Fall Conference so we will be using all data reported to us by September 30, 2014 for that report. If you have not filled out the survey for your particular transition, go to and fill it out promptly. We appreciate your help in collecting this information.

From Meagan Henry, Professional Support portfolio of the Board

How can we better serve our LREDA Chapters? This is the question I am contemplating this Fall and I’m looking for your suggestions and feedback. As your new Board member holding the Professional Support portfolio, I hope to engage with our local Chapters early in my tenure. I have already been in touch with your Chapter Chairs to introduce myself, and I'm hosting a free breakfast for Chapter Chairs on Saturday morning during our Fall Conference. I encourage you to contact your Chapter Chairs soon and let them know what kinds of feedback you’d like them to share at our gathering. All Chapter Chairs are invited and if your Chair is not attending Fall Con this year, let me know so we can make arrangements for another member of your Chapter executive team to attend instead. I look forward to hearing from you and learning what your Chapter needs are in terms of professional support so that we can continue to work together to create networks of support for one another.

From Church of the Larger Fellowship

SALE:  The CLF (Church of the Larger Fellowship, our UU congregation without walls) has a few remaining packages of Order of Service Covers.  Each package of 100 sheets (8 ½ x 11) has been marked down 50%.  You heard me correctly – 50% off!  Buy now, save BIG!  And did you see the design just perfect for religious education?  Celebrate, Joy, Delight!  To order, contact Beth:

From Jeff Hutchins: Denton the Dragon resource

I am the author and publisher of a series of stories for young children (age 4-9) that teach universal values without reference to any particular deity, sacred text, or religious denomination. The values we teach come from all religions, including humanism. There are no evil characters in any of the stories.

Our collection is called "Denton the Dragon in Tales of Bubbleland." Our company is Bubbleland Imagination Company. Our website is  There is lots of information there, plus lots of free material that parents and children can access, including videos, songs, stories, and one Audio Tale (me reading a story aloud). Check it out!