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January 2019

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January Notes from the President

Annie Scott, LREDA President

As LREDA enters the new year, I’m thinking about the focus the board has had on moving from a culture of individualism and “I” to a culture of “We.” We were inspired by our reading of Juana Bordas’s book, Salsa, Soul and Spirit. We took it very seriously as we planned Fall Conference. We invited some LREDA members to be the Worship Team to plan and lead all worship at Fall Conference. There had been a tradition of the board leading one worship, the local LREDA chapter leading a worship and the chapter where Fall Con would be the following year would lead the closing worship. This year the Worship Team, working with our paid musician, thought about the theme and the arch of the conference and their leadership and gifts for worship were a significant contributor to the success of the 2018 conference.

We continue to prioritize creating a culture of WE, as we invite more people to help us with the work of LREDA. We are working against the individualism that haunts and cripples us and keeps our beloved LREDA from serving one another to our best capacity.

Our wonderful nominating committee is recruiting for three board positions and many positions on the committees and task forces that do the real work of our professional organization. As we work to enhance the training and efforts of our Good Officers, as we work to strengthen our Chapters and encourage leadership development on all levels, as we live into having a paid bookkeeper and developing a finance committee that works with our Treasurer and as we continue to dismantle the white supremacy culture that stifles and harms everyone- we need you.

In 1992, when I first stepped into religious education leadership, the minister I served with, Fritz Hudson, said, “Get yourself to any and all LREDA meetings, trainings and conferences you can find!” I did, and before long I was serving on the district RE committee in what was the Pacific Southwest Chapter of LREDA. I found mentors and friends who trained me and befriended me all across the continent. I served LREDA and our faith as I grew and developed as a person and professionally. So, I would say, find places to serve our profession as soon as you can in your professional life. It will serve LREDA, our faith, and you.

May we all have blessings and make contributions this year.  


Annie Scott is the Director of Religious Education for Children, Youth and Families at Jefferson Unitarian Church, in Golden Colorado. She serves LREDA as President from 2017-2020.

LREDA Nominating

Hello, LREDA colleagues!

There was a lot of excitement in Houston about the new ways to collaborate, helping in big and small ways, to make our soup (LREDA) more amazing.  So far, NomCom has only two hits on our Awesomeness Inventory (where you brag about your skills/interests) and no hits on our Brag Page (where you talk about other people's mad skills). 


Our nominating season is well underway and there are still plenty of big and small ways in which we could use some help.  Take a few minutes today to complete one (or both) of these Google Forms so we can find better ways for us all to add a little flavor to our community soup pot.

Board Positions (to begin June 2019):
President-elect (Job Description)  
At Large: Continental Events (Job Description)  
Secretary (Job Description)  

If you'd like to apply for one of these positions, send a cover letter and resume. And, as always, if you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected] (or [email protected]).  Blessings!



LREDA Board of Trustees: President Elect / President

The vote for President-Elect in 2019 is really a vote for our next President, with the gift to all of us of a year of preparation and learning. Our incoming President-Elect will serve from 2019-2020, then as President from 2020-2023. The President-Elect has a voice and a vote at the Board table.

In addition to serving LREDA's mission, the President serves as our liaison to our sibling professional associations (AUUMM, UUMA, AUUA, UUAMP); the UUA; and other denominational groups. They respond, lead, and advocate in equal measure. They will be entering a Board that has been working on building a "We Culture" (Juana Bordas), and doing anti-oppression work as a team, in order to create new systems within LREDA.

LREDA membership will elect a new President-Elect (and two other Board positions) in June 2019. By late April, the LREDA Nominating Committee will have invited and reviewed applications, done due diligence, and nominated one candidate who has been thoroughly vetted. We hope you will consider where you can offer your skills and energy, in a way that feels fulfilling to you.

The LREDA Nominating Committee works independently from the Board. For more information on the nominating process, click here.

Learn a little about President Annie Scott

Annie Scott became a Unitarian Universalist in 1990 when her children ranged from three to fifteen. In 1992 she was hired as the DRE for First UU Church in Phoenix, Arizona. She worked as a religious educator at the Main Line church in Devon, PA, the Germantown church in Philadelphia, PA, the Willamette Falls UU church in Oregon and currently serves Jefferson Unitarian in Golden, Colorado. She has given notice to Jefferson and will be moving back to Oregon to live near family next summer and will be job hunting, in hopes of continuing as a religious educator. Prior to being a religious educator, Annie was a parent educator for YWCA and Parents Anonymous as well as a musician. She has three grown daughters who all live in the Pacific Northwest and an eighteen month old granddaughter, Emerson Ann. She has two lovely brothers and sisters-in-law who live outside of Portland, OR and Chicago, Illinois.

Spotlight on LREDA Resources: LREDA YouTube & FAQs







Did you miss the 2018 Continental LREDA Fall Conference? Were you there but wish you could see the Odyssey or the opening night again? Or maybe you left early and missed the Summary Speaker. Catch them all on the LREDA Youtube channel under the 2018 Fall Conference playlist. http://bit.ly/LREDAChange

Get quick answers to your questions on the LREDA FAQ page: https://www.lreda.org/frequently-asked-questions

Save the Dates!

June 18-19, 2019 LREDA Professional Days in Spokane, Washington, featuring "Congregational Faith Formation", with Dr. Mark Hicks and Joy Berry of the Fahs Collaborative

November 6-10, 2019 LREDA Fall Conference in Baltimore, Maryland

November 11-12, 2019 Optional add-ons (to be determined) following LREDA Fall Con in Baltimore


Professional milestones should be reported to [email protected] for inclusion in the monthly newsletter.

Betty Jo Middleton was named Minister Emerita of the Mount Vernon Unitarian Church by  a vote of the congregation in May, 2018.  Betty Jo has made many contributions to UU religious education and UU religious educators over her extensive career — too many to name!  And we thank her for all she has done for us and our faith movement.

Kathy Stevenson has recently retired as Director of Family Ministry at Quimper (WA) Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, where she began the R.E. program and then served for 31 years.  Her successor is  LREDA member Beau Ohlgren, who has been serving as Youth Coordinator since 2015.  Beau was also a Youth Caucus staff member at the 2018 GA.

Sara Douglass-Cloe, CRE, retired from congregational work on November 30. She most recently was the Interim Religious Educator at West Hills UU Fellowship (Portland, OR).  From 1998-2013 she was at the UU Community Church of Washington County (Hillsboro, OR), then from 2013-2017 she served the UU Church of Vancouver (WA). Sara writes, “t has been a pleasure and a privilege to serve Unitarian Universalist children, youth, and families.  My LREDA colleagues were always there to support and guide me and I am very grateful!”


Meet our new Bookkeeper, Elizabeth Weber

Elizabeth Weber has been a UU since 2005 and has worked in the financial field since 2006.  She has been devoted to her home church – UU Eugene – and served on the RE committee, taught preschool and elementary RE, wrote curriculum, chaired the Budget and Financial Oversight Committees and been the Board Treasurer.  Elizabeth’s UU heart belongs to Eliot Institute, a camp for UUs in Washington State, and she is now the Executive Secretary to the Board.  Elizabeth makes her home in Eugene, OR where she owns Random Numbers Bookkeeping, raises her son and is an active volunteer. 

Welcome, Elizabeth!

News from our Friends

Skinner House Books

Skinner House Books is excited to announce After the Good News: Progressive Faith Beyond Optimism by Nancy McDonald Ladd. Progressive faith is at a crossroads. Liberal pulpits ring with grand sermons about the arc that bends toward justice and about progress “onward and upward forever.” Meanwhile, the people in the pews struggle to attend to the suffering of their souls and the tragic aspects of life. In this engaging polemic using stories and metaphor, Ladd issues a call for change.

With humor and humanity, Ladd calls religious progressives to greater authenticity and truth-telling rather than blind optimism. She charts a course forward that includes reclaiming rituals of atonement and lament and becoming more vulnerable and accountable in our relationships. She shows how, together, we might build a necessary and greater resilience among ourselves and for the generations to come. After the Good News is available at inSpirit: The UU Book and Gift Shop.