Committees of the Board

All of our Committees are composed of volunteers.  If you are a LREDA member and interested in serving on a committee, please let us know by contacting the Director of Operations & Administration or one of the volunteers listed under the particular committee

Click here for our expense reimbursement form.    Please use the form below when you write your committee report to the Board.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating committee consists of five members with staggered three-year terms, elected by the membership.  They work independently of the Board to fill Board vacancies, assessing needs and various criteria in the nominating process.  Additionally, they help to fill committee positions by asking for and referring names to the Vice President of the Board. Contact them at   

Finance Committee

Liaison is Treasurer.  This committee is currently being restructured.  

Justice & Equity Team

 The mission of LREDA’s Justice and Equity Team is to articulate a compelling vision of LREDA as an organization made whole by the empowerment of all our members, assist LREDA in living that vision as an organizational priority, and monitor LREDA’s ongoing progress toward that vision.  Our vision of LREDA is an inclusive organization that is intentionally willing to struggle to dismantle legal and social barriers to equal association, act with integrity, and honor the many gifts we bring.  Contact them at and the liaison is Vice President.

The JET focuses on educating the LREDA Board and membership on issues pertaining to six areas of linked oppression: race, class, gender identity, affectional orientation, ethnicity and abilities.  The JET meets twice a year for face-to-face meetings – once in the spring and once in connection with the LREDA Fall Conference. In-between face-to-face meetings, the JET schedules regular conference calls.  The JET sets its own agenda and priorities for the year in conversation with the Board and with an awareness of the needs of the membership.  Some of the work of the Justice and Equity Team includes:

  • leading a yearly orientation for the Board on issues related to linked oppression;
  • planning and leading workshops at Fall Conference to support religious educators in developing multicultural competencies 
  • creating publications on best practices 
  • supporting LREDA in honoring its commitment to diversity and inclusion 
  • representing LREDA in conversations focused on multiculturalism and inclusion at the continental level 

The LREDA Nominating Committee recruits candidates for the DIT. The Nominating Committee considers many elements in terms of balance for the Team and seeks diversity in areas of geographical representation, gender identities and expressions, ethnic and racial identifications, age and life experiences, affectional orientations, abilities and class backgrounds.  Individuals interested in being considered should contact a member of the Nominating Committee to request an application.  The JET has elected to hold membership on the committee for three year terms.  Click here to see who currently serves on JET.  

JET's Charge

Committee on Mentoring

Mentoring is an essential component of the UUA Religious Education Credentialing Program.
Mentors serve as guides, providing support through the credentialing process for credentialing candidates.  Regular, structured conversations with a mentor help ensure that a candidate receives thoughtful feedback, is held accountable for steady progress, and stays on target to complete the program within the established timeframe.

While the Religious Education Credentialing Program as a whole is administered by the UUA, 
the mentoring program is managed by LREDA.  The LREDA Committee on Mentoring (LCoM) arranges and oversees training, matches candidates with mentors, checks in with mentors periodically, and ensures that the mentoring program runs smoothly overall.  LCoM members have completed the mentor training and often have served as mentors themselves.   Board Liaison is Leadership Development.  

21st Century Committee

Liaison is Treasurer.  This committee is currently inactive and being restructured.