Committees, Working Groups, Interest Groups, & Representatives

All of our Committees are composed of volunteers. If you are a LREDA member and interested in serving on a committee, please let us know by contacting the Administrator, one of the volunteers listed under the particular committee, or a member of the Nominating Committee. For committee reports to the Board, please use this form

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(includes rosters of those serving on committees) 

The Nominating Committee is responsible for nominations to Board and Nominating Committee positions and acts in an advisory capacity for populating the other Board committees.

Committees of the Board consist of:

  • Finance Committee (liaison is Treasurer)
  • Justice and Equity Team (liaison is VP) 
  • 21st Century Committee (liaison is Treasurer)
  • Committee on Mentoring (liaison is Leadership Development)

Working Groups: Groups which are not committees of the Board, but include a Board Liaison (who is responsible for populating the groups), are:

  • Fall Conference Planning (liaison is Continental Events)
  • Sophia Lyon Fahs Lecture (liaison is Continental Events)

Interest Groups: Groups that are open to any member who has a specific interest in that group. Each group has a convener and a Board liaison.

  • LREDA LARGE (liaison is Leadership Development)
  • LREDA Small (liaison is Leadership Development)

Committees or groups with LREDA Representation:

  • Stewardship Sermon (liaison is Treasurer) -- 
  • Council on Church Staff Finances (liaison is Treasurer) --
  • LREDA rep on the RECC (liaison is Professional Development) -- Patti Withers

Committees or groups with direct LREDA Board Representation

  • Renaissance Module Working Group (reps are Professional Support and Leadership Development)
  • UUA Program Staff Liaison (rep is President)
  • Council on Cross-Cultural Engagement (reps are President + JET chair)