Statement from LREDA

Dear Ones,

You may have heard that a UU minister wrote and then distributed a book at GA that blatantly reveals how white fragility does harm. Your LREDA Board has chosen not to publicize the title of the book, which would only heighten the spread of harm.

Today, we reach out to all impacted by white fragility and white supremacist culture with love, solidarity and determination. If you are confused because you have not had access to the book (true for most of us), please trust that those who have read it recognize the ghastly logic that pins racism to the victims and the many factual errors. We are dismayed by a complete lack of accountability for the insidious harm that micro and macro-aggressions cause. The epitome of white fragility, the book is a reaction to our denominational movement toward lifting up wholeness and acknowledging the harm that white supremacy culture, ableism, sexism, and transphobia have had on religious educators, our denomination, and the “We” of the world. 

Our message during the LREDA Annual Meeting was a goal of transparency and inclusion within LREDA, with the understanding that being part of LREDA requires the participation of all members and friends. We ask you to reach out to one another in your clusters and identity groups to listen for pain; to challenge white supremacy, ableist, transphobic, and sexist words and actions; and to support one another in the process.  We recommend reading editor Mitra Rahnema’s Centering: Navigating Race, Authenticity, and Power in MinistryUnitarian Universalists of Color: Stories of Struggle, Courage, Love and Faith edited by Yuri Yamamoto, and White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism by Robin DiAngelo. 

An account of LREDA's 2017 Fall Conference was presented in the book. The author did not reach out to members of the LREDA Board and there are many factual errors in the book. While we wish that no harm had been done in the first place, we remain fiercely proud of our decision to interrupt programming, and of the movement towards reconciliation and wholeness within our association since then. 

We also encourage you to read the statements of our sibling organizations, from Diverse Revolutionary UU Multicultural Ministries (DRUUMM)Allies in Racial Equity (ARE), the People of Color and Indigenous (POCI) Chapter of the UU Ministers Association (UUMA), and many white ministers in our denomination, all of which your LREDA Board fully endorse.

For our dear members and friends, may we hold all of us in love, gain an even greater recognition of how white fragility harms, and be even more resolved to understand and eradicate it.

With love from your LREDA Board Presidents,

Annie Scott, President until June 30, 2019
Linnea Nelson, Incoming President July 1, 2019
Aisha Hauser, President Elect; Incoming President July 1, 2020