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June 20, 2018 Annual General Meeting (DRAFT)

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LREDA Annual Report (link

Our Annual Report for LREDA's 2016-2017 year features highlights from the work of the Board and Committees as well as a financial report, current Board goals, and many thanks to the dedicated volunteers who make LREDA's extraordinary work possible. 

June 21, 2017 Annual General Meeting

June 20, 2017

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LREDA Annual Report (download)

Annual Meeting 2016 Minutes — June 22, 2016 

2016-2017 Proposed Budget

LREDA Spring Meeting 2016

Spring Board Meeting 2016

Each year the LREDA Board meets in person in the early Spring for big picture planning, to prepare the proposed budget, and to 

We began with a consultation with Gabrielle Farrell, following up on last Spring’s work to create the LREDA “Leap.” Encouraged by the successes of the Endowment Campaign and the energy of LREDA leadership, this “Leap” forward includes three primary Board goals, revisited and clarified this year as:continue our ongoing work. This year the Board met in Ocean Grove, New Jersey, April 5-8.

• Align resources with mission. •
Be sure that we are focusing our financial and human resources on priorities that advance the mission of LREDA and the Board. This may entail hard choices regarding where volunteer time and organizational funds are spent.

• Strengthen relationships with LREDA chapters and between LREDA members. •
Increase and improve support for chapters and members, enabling them to understand themselves as part of a sustaining network of peer professionals.

• Develop LREDA’s identity as an accessible and comprehensive resource for professionals in UU Faith Development and Religious Education. •
Prioritize services to members, accessible and transparent communication, and moving toward a more comprehensive collection of resources (both curated and original).

On Wednesday, we met virtually with UU Ministers Association President, Linda Olson Peebles, and UU Musicians Network representative, Anne Watson Born, to plan joint events at this year’s General Assembly, including an action with UU Presidential Candidates, and a Vespers service.

A significant amount of our time was spent drafting a proposed budget that responsibly but boldly pursues the LREDA “Leap.” Our proposal builds capacity through staffing and volunteer support, and invests in our membership by allocating thousands of dollars for scholarships and grants. Members will be receiving copies of the proposed budget by April 22, to be considered at our Annual Meeting in June.

In addition to our work on goals and budget, your LREDA Board furthered our work on Professional Day (June 22), the Fahs Lecture (June 23) and Fall Conference (Oct. 20-24), continuing to provide our members with excellent professional development opportunities. We also heard reports from Board members on the Good Offices program, Mentoring and Credentialing, the Diversity and Inclusion Team, the Nominating Committee, and LREDA’s UU partnerships. Finally, we spent a good deal of concentrated time on proposed revisions and updates to the current Code of Professional Practices.

We said our goodbyes and returned to our day jobs on Friday to prepare for weekends in our congregations and regions, bolstered by the good work and fellowship of the week. The work of the Board is hard, but incredibly rewarding, knowing that we are supporting our peers in the vitally important work of UU Faith Development and Religious Education.

Formal minutes can be viewed here, including Board votes and resulting decisions.



2015 Membership Meeting Minutes

Annual Meeting 2015 Agenda Presentation 
Annual Meeting 2015 Minutes — June 24, 2015

Fall Membership Meeting 2015 Minutes — Oct. 25, 2015