Vision & Mission

LREDA is creating a world guided by love, justice, and equity through our mission of: 

 Advocating for and supporting professional religious educators

 Advancing the field of Unitarian Universalist faith development

Engaging in the transformative power of shared ministry 

Challenging systems of oppression

LREDA Member portal & Aplos account

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An important note about your Aplos account:

To see ALL your contributions to LREDA, log into your Aplos account using the portal above and navigate to the 'Contribution Statements' section. Due to the way Aplos records their transactions not all of your donations will appear in the donations section however they will appear in the Contributions Statements section.

To download a contribution statement go to the 'Contribution Statements' section and click on the three vertical dots on the right side of the screen. Select the “Download Detailed” section to see a list of all your payments.






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