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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find details of my payments to LREDA?

Once you've made a payment using our new system, you will be able to create an Aplos account.  Log in to your Aplos account to see your payments and download a contribution statement. If you need assistance, email Juliet at and she'll be happy to help you.

An important note about your Aplos account:

To see ALL your contributions to LREDA, log into your Aplos account using the portal above and navigate to the 'Contribution Statements' section. Due to the way Aplos records their transactions not all of your donations will appear in the donations section however they will appear in the Contributions Statements section.

To download a contribution statement go to the 'Contribution Statements' section and click on the three vertical dots on the right side of the screen. Select the “Download Detailed” section to see a list of all your payments.

How do I pay my membership dues? 

Pay membership dues using debit, credit or ACHPay membership dues using PayPal

Click on the buttons above to pay your dues either using a debit or credit card, ACH payment or use PayPal. 

We accept payments by check. Make the check payable to LREDA and write the name of the religious educator in the memo line.  Mail the check to LREDA,  284 Hartford Ave, #1002, Bellingham, MA 02019.

Email Juliet to request an invoice

How do I find support nearby?
LREDA Chapters function as separate entities with their own leadership structure, support systems, and dues structure. It is in LREDA's fifteen chapters where religious educators most often meet and support one another through the day-to-day joys and challenges of the work. Find your chapter here.

I am having an issue in my congregation and need professional support.
Good Officers are LREDA members who have engaged in specialized training to address the particular challenges which face religious educators and those engaged in Unitarian Universalist ministries, including issues that can arise within staff teams. Good Officers consult with religious educators, especially those in congregational settings, to offer clarity, support, and guidance. Good Officers can be found throughout the continent. Find out more about the
Good Offices Program, including a list of current Good Officers who are ready to help.

Are there professional practices that LREDA members are expected to uphold? 

LREDA members pledge to hold themselves ethically accountable to the LREDA Code of Professional Practices.

Our congregation is searching for a religious educator.  Are there guidelines? 

As a religious educator of color where can I find support?

Religious educators of color are invited to attend the annual Finding our Way Home Retreat for religious professionals of color. 

There is a Religious Professionals of Color Facebook Group, contact Aisha Hauser or Christina Rivera to join.

LREDA provides  scholarships for professional development with priority given to people of color or other marginalized identities. We offer Scholarships to take Renaissance Modules, Scholarships for Credentialing and Scholarships to attend our annual Fall Conference.

Attend our BIPOC Religious Educator gathering at our Fall Conference. This is a free event on Wednesday Oct 12th from 1:30-5:00, register to attend as part of the main Fall Conference registration.

The UUA offers scholarships to help religious professionals attend General Assembly, with priority given to Religious professionals of color or others with marginalized identities.

As a white religious educator, is there support to help me reduce white supremacy and systemic racism in my community and the wider world without burdening my colleagues of color?

We have a google group for white LREDA members where they can reach out for support and learning around issues of race and white supremacy. To join contact Juliet

As a LREDA Member am I a delegate for General Assembly?

To be a delegate for General Assembly you need to be a full active member of LREDA with up to date dues AND employed by a UU Congregation. Student and New Members can't be delegates. Life members can be delegates if they are employed by a congregation or have been given an emeritus status by their congregation more than 6 months before GA. For more information on delegate status see the UUA Bylaws, delegate information is on page 3.

Does LREDA have honoraria guidance for members speaking or facilitating?

LREDA recommends that members use the UUMA Scale of Fees for Professional  Services when asked to perform work on an ad hoc basis.

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