Multicultural Religious Education Renaissance Module
at the LREDA Fall Conference


The reader for this module has been What if All the Kids are White? by Louise Derman-Sparks and Patricia Ramsey, Second edition. While we highly recommend that you read this at some point in time, it is NOT required for this offering of the module. 

INSTEAD, here’s what you need to read/watch/listen to before the module begins (note: this may look like a lot of reading, but all of this combined is less than the book):

  1. 1.      Read these three articles/blog posts by Robin DiAngelo:
·       White Fragility
·       White Supremacy
·       Agreements
  1. 2.      Watch/listen to/read Rev. Dr. Mark Morrison Reed’s Fahs lecture from GA 2014
· (page include transcript, video and slides)
  1. 3.      Read “The Religious Educator of Color” by Rev. Natalie Fenimore and Aisha Hauser and the response by Rev. Sofia Betancourt from the UUA Common Read book Centering pages 87-102 (pdf attached) or buy the book because you’ll want to read the whole thing!
  1. 4.      Review the White Supremacy Teach in materials:
·       Teach In 2
·       Teach In 1
  1. 5.      Read these pieces about “brave space”:
·       Poem “An Invitation to Brave Space” by Micky ScottBey 
·       “From Safe Spaces to Brave Spaces” by Brian Arao and Kristi Clemens 
  1. 6.      Review the Anti-bias Framework from Teaching Tolerance, written with Louise Derman-Sparks (attached) or find more at

It is disrespectful to come to this module unprepared; if you aren’t able to commit to the preparation, then please give your space up to someone on the waiting list for the module (contact Kari Kopnick at [email protected]).

Leaders: Aisha Hauser, Rev. Samaya Oakley, Janice Marie Johnson, Gail Forsyth-Vail,  Rev. Natalie Fenimore and Alison McLeod (Crotty).

Monday 6 pm-9pm (3 hours)
Tuesday 9 am-5:00 pm (6 hours program time; hour for lunch all three groups at the same time, two 30 min breaks)
5:00-7:00 Dinner on own
7:00 -10:00pm (3 hours program)
Wednesday 9am-Noon (3 hours)

UUA Renaissance Modules

Renaissance Modules are designed to accommodate between 10 to 24 participants. Renaissance Modules are open to all those interested in religious education leadership including seminary students, ministers, RE committee members and other lay leaders. Preference is given to religious educators if the workshop is oversubscribed. Congregations support the Religious Educator by providing funding for registration and time off to attend.

Handouts from the Multicultural Renaissance Module

Held at the Embassy Suites Denver Downtown

1420 Stout St, Denver CO 80202

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