A Guide for New Members

Welcome to LREDA. We hope that through your membership you will find support, collegiality, and resources to do the life changing work of faith development.

This page is to help you orient yourself to LREDA and its community. 


Our financial year runs from July to June. Invoices are sent out in June ready for the next year so that you can use up any current professional expenses. You have until Dec 31st to renew your membership for the current year. If you join LREDA after March 1st your membership for the next year will also be covered in your initial payment.

LREDA has several different membership categories to ensure everyone can join at a level that is right for them. Find out more HERE.

Student / New ($55, reduced rate $28) - this option is for religious educators who have been a religious educator for less than 3 years. Student / New members can't vote at the annual meeting or as delegates at GA and can't be on the board or chair a committee, though they can be on a committee.

Active ($193, reduced rate $96) - for those who have been religious educators for more than 3 years, or have completed more than 5 renaissance modules, or are credentialed. Active members can act as delegates and vote at GA, and can be on the board and chair committees.

Supportive ($100, reduced rate $50) - this category is for those who wish to support LREDA. This category may suit an RE Committee chair, those working in related fields, or UUA employees. 

They can attend and speak at LREDA meetings and serve on committees; but may not vote or serve as LREDA Board members or committee chairpersons. Supportive members cannot act as delegates at GA.

Friends (suggested donation $18) - This is for folks who wish to support LREDA. They don't have any voting rights or access to member resources.

Life (suggested donation $36) - this category is for retired members of LREDA. You need to have been an active member for more than ten years and over 62 to qualify. Life members retain full rights and privileges.

This is a very brief summary of the main membership categories. Find out more HERE

Where do I find support?

Facebook Group: All LREDA members (with the exception of friends) have access to our private LREDA Facebook group. This is a covenanted space so you are asked to not share information outside of this group. 

LREDA also has a Listserv where you can also ask questions

There is a Religious Professionals of Color Facebook Group, contact Aisha Hauser or Christina Rivera to join.

LREDA White Caucus: White religious educators can reach out for support and learning around issues of race and white supremacy without burdening colleagues of color through a google group. To join contact Juliet

Chapters: LREDA has geographic chapters where you can find local area colleagues. In the future, we hope to introduce some identity based chapters who will meet remotely, stay tuned for more information.

Good Officers: LREDA has specially trained colleagues who can assist you with issues that may come up in your work. Go HERE for more information. Call early and often if issues arise, they are there to support you.

Does LREDA offer financial support?

LREDA has various funds to help support its members. We offer scholarships to support members in credentialing, scholarships to support members taking Renaissance Modules, scholarships to attend Fall Conference, and we have a newly created Cares fund to support members with non professional support. On a case by case basis, the Cares Fund can be used for reduced rates for dues or personal/health support and may not exceed $500 per case. Please reach out by email to any LREDA Board member if you are in need.

What events does LREDA host?LREDA hosts an annual Fall Conference in mid October, both in-person and online.  Conferences generally begin on the Wednesday evening and run through to the Sunday lunchtime. We generally offer a special welcome event on the Wednesday evening for those attending for the first time. Find out more about this year's Fall Conference HERE. We offer scholarships for those with limited professional funds.

LREDA attends the UUA's General Assembly and funds the Fahs lecture, an annual lecture directly relevant to Religious Educators. If you attend GA come and find us at our booth in the exhibit hall.

What about Training and Resources?

Renaissance Modules: LREDA provides its members with training through Renaissance Modules which can be taken either online or in-person and cover a variety of topics to support you in your work. Find out more about upcoming Renaissance Modules HERE. LREDA offers scholarships to cover 50% of the cost if you apply HERE.

Credentialing: Once you are employed as a religious educator you can  join the UUA's credentialing program designed especially for Religious Educators. To support you through the program, the LREDA Committee on Mentoring will match you with an experienced religious educator to act as a mentor.  Go HERE to find out more about credentialing  or email Sarah Gettie McNeil, the UUA's Professional Development Programs Manager.

LREDA Resources Portal: On September 1st 2022, LREDA will launch a member-only resources portal where you'll be able to find sample policies, times for all ages, curriculum and information to support you in your work as a religious educator. The resources in this portal have been freely shared by religious educators and we encourage members to contribute.