2018/19 Issue Number 1

July 2018

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  1. Notes from the President
  2. Renew now
  3. 2018-19 LREDA Board
  4. Member news
  5. Historic News from GA
  6. 2018 Fall Conference
  7. Milestones

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July Notes from the President

Annie Scott, LREDA President

I have so much gratitude in my heart coming out of LREDA Professional Day and General Assembly. There were a series of things that were especially heartwarming.

The old board along with incoming board members had been invited to have lunch with the UU Ministers Association  (UUMA) board. One of the main topics was delegate status for religious educators. The UUMA members asked questions, we answered and within a few hours they made a public statement in support of our by-law amendment that would grant delegate status to religious educators who are Active members of LREDA and employed by a congregation.

Then, I got to hear Juana Bordas during our Professional Days keynote and her Sophia Lyon Fahs Lecture. As a white woman, I came away feeling inspired to revisit my attitudes about my ancestors and practice feeling connected and grateful for all they have given me. I am realizing how harshly I have judged them using the toxic norm of perfectionism.

Then, I got to witness our own Aisha Hauser receive the Angus MacLean award for her contributions to Unitarian Universalist Religious Education and Faith Development. Jessica York’s introduction to Aisha was powerful, challenging and inspirational. Then, as is our practice, we went to the LREDA booth in the exhibit hall and took pictures of Aisha standing in front of our LREDA banner (see below).

Then, what can I say, we got the vote? Next year, religious educators (at the Active level in LREDA and serving a congregation) will get automatic delegate status to General Assembly. We celebrated with hugs, and jumping about, and cake in the LREDA booth in the exhibit hall.

Then, on Sunday, for the cherry on top, current LREDA board members and all past board members who were present went to the GA stage and accepted the President’s Award for Volunteer Service from UUA President, Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray. We accepted it on behalf of decades of volunteer service by LREDA members to LREDA and to our faith. That was the Amen on the prayer that was General Assembly this year.

If you were not in Kansas City, I hope you experienced some of General Assembly online. If not, you can go to the UUA GA 2018 page and watch the amazing worship services, the inspiring Ware lecture, etc.

I hope you are planning now to go to Spokane, Washington for General Assembly next year, where we will hold our yellow cards up and vote and vote and vote!!


Annie Scott is the Director of Religious Education for Children, Youth and Families at Jefferson Unitarian Church, in Golden Colorado. She serves LREDA as President from 2017-2020.

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Our new LREDA Board

Standing:Andrea James (Secretary), Kari Kopnick (Administrator), Jules Jaramillo (Good Offices)
Seated: Linnea Nelson (Vice President), Juliet Donaldson (Treasurer), Lisa Maria A. Steinberg (Leadership Development), Annie Scott (President),, Lily Rappaport (Continental Events)

[email protected]

LREDA member news

Congratulations to and gratitude for our members Kiersten Moore, elected for a three-year term to the Board of Trustees of the Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC) in May; Tim Atkins and Gregory Boyd, both elected last month to their second three-year term on the Board of Trustees of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (UUA); and Mr. Barb Greve elected as Co-Moderator of the UUA Board, after being appointed.

Congratulations to  Clare Fortune-Lad, winner of the The Justice for Women and Girls Sermon award from the Unitarian Universalist Women’s Federation. Clare is the Director of Religious Education at the UU Church of Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Clare delivered her sermon “#MeToo, Now What?” at this year’s UUA General Assembly in Kansas City, Missouri, as part of the program “Women are Called to Preach.”

Congratulotions to Aisha Hauser for receiving the Angus H. MacLean Award for Excellence in Religious Education at GA last month. The award is presented by the UUA each year to someone who has made outstanding contributions to religious education.

 Jessica York (UUA Co-Director of Ministries and Faith Development), Aisha Hauser, Annie Scott (LREDA President)

And congratulations to all who were honoured during the Service of the Living Tradition at GA. We will celebrate you during Fall Conference in Houston!

Historic News from General Assembly

Religious Educators to be elegible for Delegate Status

On Saturday June 23, 2018, the UUA's Bylaws were amended to allow religioius educators who are members of LREDA at the Active level, and who serve a congregation, to become delegates at General Assembly. Religious Educators Emerita/us will also be able to be delegates.

Tremendous gratitude to the religious educators who pushed this forward over the past couple of years; to those with whom the Board consulted; to all who moved quickly (over Christmas!) to get their congregational governing bodies to support the amendment; to all who gave testimonies and to the Board of the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association (UUMA) who leant their support and their voices; and especially to the team who put together our #avoiceandavote materials and action plan and the Street Team and those who joined them at GA. We were so moved when the Youth Caucus voiced their support and their love for their religious educators from the mic. It was an emotional moment for all who were present or watched at home. You can view the video here.

LREDA Receives Award

UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray presented the President's Annual Award for Volunteer Service to the UUA to LREDA on Sunday, June 24, 2018. Watch the presentation, and Annie's acceptance, here.

LREDA Fall Conference 2018
Moving Mountains: Together
November 1-5, 2018
Hilton Houston Post Oak
2001 Post Oak Blvd, Houston, TX

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LREDA Milestones

Professional milestones should be self-reported to [email protected] for inclusion in the LREDA eNews. 

Patti Withers, CRE-ML and DLRE at the Bay Area UU Church (Houston, TX) retired at the end of June after 20 years as a professional religious educator with 15 years at the Credentialed Religious Educator-Master Level.  She previously served at the First Universalist Society of Rochester, NY, and two other congregations in the Houston area, First UU Church and HD Thoreau UU Congregation.  Patti served LREDA as a Board member with the DRE Professional Support portfolio, as a Good Officer, and on the Fahs, Finance, and Endowment Committees.  She continues as a mentor in the Credentialing program.  Patti also served on both the St. Lawrence District and Southwestern UU Conference Religious Education Committees, on the SWUUC District Board as Trustee, Secretary and Vice-President, and as a Congregational Consultant.  She is delighted the LREDA Fall Conference is coming to Houston and anticipates greeting ya’ll with great joy!  As for retirement, Patti is waiting to see what the Universe has next in store.