Are You Interested in a LREDA 21st Century Grant?

Have a great idea that will support religious education and religious educators? Need inspiration to apply for a 21st Century Grant? Learn a little more about a recently awarded grant. 

In 2016 Universalist landmark and retreat center Murray Grove, under the leadership of Rev. Carol S. Haag, received a LREDA 21st Century Grant to create a Coming of Age Program for Unitarian Universalists. Religious Educators Tracy Breneman and Meagan Henry created an exciting, dynamic program designed to enhance and deepen the experiences of participants in Unitarian Universalist Coming of Age classes. 

The program is a credo exploration and writing workshop with an overarching goal to help young people grow and develop in their Unitarian Universalist faith. Murray Grove is the pioneer of the curriculum, which is available for use by clusters of congregations throughout Unitarian Universalist districts and regions. There are specifically Universalist elements in the retreat, drawing upon the rich heritage of Murray Grove, its founding and the history of Universalism. This retreat is designed for youth in seventh through ninth grades with the understanding that each congregation may have youth who are a bit younger or older.

Feedback from participants:

  • This retreat was a very positive bonding experience for the class and they made excellent progress on defining their beliefs in preparation for writing their personal statements.
  • Thanks for all your hard work. I think the weekend was a worthwhile experience for all involved. Overall, I thought it was a very thought provoking and well put together curriculum.
  • I felt privileged to be at the retreat, being with kids at a time of awakening.
  • This is an exciting curriculum, really well written, full of engaging activities and exercises, a nice flow bringing the youth toward completion of a thoughtful, well articulated credo statement. It was good to work with as leaders. It is large and so a lot to absorb and share back to the group, but well worth the effort. 
  • Thank you so much to all of you for providing a meaningful and profound retreat experience for our young people who will be coming of age. Your combined efforts allowed our children to stay safe while reaching deeply and of course, having fun.


Grant applications are due by December 31st. Questions about the 21st Century Fund and the projects they support? Contact [email protected]

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