LREDA 2017 Fall Conference: Building Brave Spaces

Resources from the 2017 LREDA Fall Conference

Social Locators (as used by Annie Scott and Jessica York in the welcome)

 Social Location is a life determining factor. Social location is the expression of a person’s existence in the social fabric. It is powerful because it places us in certain relationships to the world and the people of the world. It gives us status and blocks us from having status. In a certain sense, it creates our reality. Our social location determines our access to power, privilege, or our lack of power and privilege. For example, access to jobs and education is often determined through the categories of social location and identity. White, middle-class/wealthy, men (social locators of race, socio-economic status, gender) are given more access to college entrance and corporate executive employment than to any other persons of any other social location. From the United Methodist General Commission on Religion and Race

Land Acknowledgement

In addition to our social locators, we opened the conference with a land acknowledgement, which recognizes Indigenous peoples’ connection to their traditional territories, and the history of the land that is now shared by many peoples.

Many Unitarian * Universalists in Canada (along with universities, school divisions, courts, professional sports teams, and more) have incorporated this practice at the beginning of worship and other gatherings, as part of their truth, healing and reconciliation work. Our Canadian Board member requested that we open by acknowledging the land on which we were gathered.

Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray's opening remarks


Jan Devor's Odyssey 

Conference Music

Conference music director Matt Meyer and conference musician Rev. Keith Arnold offered outstanding flexible leadership and support as the conference changed and morphed. Matt Meyer shared resources from the conference and beyond linked below. 




Conference music director Matt Meyer. 

A list of Matt's favorite songs that can be done without instruments or written words.
Quotes and Readings from our worship services.
Online worship resource for the "The Promise and Practice of our Faith"
Link to the Peace Poets, a collective of artists that celebrate, examine, and advocate for life through music and poetry. 

Nonviolent Communication

The LREDA board interrupted our program on Saturday due to problems with the speakers, which you can read more about in the letter from the Board below. During a meeting between the People of Color Caucus, the Diversity and Inclusion Team, and the Board of Trustees, it was requested that this article be shared.

More information about NVC
NVC and Privliege by Roxanne Manning
What is the scope of privilege? by Roxanne Manning
Why talk about privilege in the NVC community? by Roxanne Manning

Critiques of White Supremacy Culture

On Sunday morning, Jessica York, UUA Co-Director of Ministries and Faith Development and Annie Scott, LREDA President, reviewed together what had transpired over the previous day and half. They used this slide to explore how White Supremacy Culture had operated during the conference, and how it may have been at play during the planning process.

Restorative Justice Resources

We were blessed to have among us Rev. Paul Langston-Daley, senior program leader for justice building with the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. Paul was invited to join the group co-creating Revised Programming and shared his experience with Restorative Justice circles. Facilitators were trained and circles were offered to conference participants, which many found very helpful. We are grateful for Paul's wisdom and generous spirit, and for the resources he's provided here.

Fact Sheet
Restorative Justice Circles (Script)
Communication Guidelines


Beginning in 2014 the LREDA Board member with the continental events portfolio has invited a respected member of the LREDA community to share an overview of the conference as they experienced it in a summary speech offered just before the closing of the conference. This year we were honored to hear from UUA Board of Trustees Secretary and religious educator Christina Rivera. 

Text of Speech

Summary Speaker, Christina Rivera








Multicultural Centering: slide shared by Christina Rivera during her speech. 

 Post Conference Resources

Post Conference Letter from the Board

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