Professional Support

Central to LREDA's mission is activesupport and advocacy for religious educators. Ongoing advocacy and relationship building is inherent in the work of the Board and a lens through which all governance concerns itself.

LREDA's current Professional Support portfolio holder is Jules Jaramillo. Contact Jules about her work with  Good Officers, and more: [email protected]

LREDA Supports Leadership Development through our 15 LREDA Chapters. Contact LREDA board member

Lisa Maria Steinberg about Chapter Leadership. 


Is it in LREDA's fifteen chapters where religious educators most often meet and support one another through the day-to-day joys and challenges of the work. It isn't always easy, however, to get together in person. features a public page for each Chapter, as well as a private "circle" or social networking area to help facilitate connections between local colleagues. Find your chapter here

Good Officers

Good Officers are LREDA members who have engaged in specialized training to address the particular challenges which face religious educators and those engaged in Unitarian Universalist ministries, including that arise within staff teams. Good Officers consult with religious educators, especially those in congregational settings, to offer clarity, support, and guidance. Good Officers can be found throughout the continent. Find out more about the Good Offices Program, including a list of current Good Officers, ready to help.

Congregational Consultants

In the US, the Unitarian Universalist Association, in partnership with regions and districts around the country, maintains a staff of highly skilled consultants who are available to congregations. This Congregational Life staff includes local (in each region) contacts who can help with a variety of issues which come up in congregations. Wondering who to contact for your own area? Check out the Contact Your Regional Staff page or email <[email protected]>.

The Canadian Unitarian Council provides support to Canadian religious educators via Congregational Development, Youth and Young Adult, and Social Responsibility staff.  Find out more via the CUC Directory.

Professional Standards

These documents are designed to be helpful to both employed and aspiring religious education professionals, our colleagues in ministries of service, and the congregations we all may serve.

• LREDA Code of Professional Practices
UUA: From Starting to Parting
UUA: Compensation Guidelines
• MNY: Professional Expense Guidelines
• Sabbatical Leave Handbook
• Staffing Levels and Scope of Work for Religious Educators
 Best Practices for Employment of Religious Education Professionals

Transitions Survey

The LREDA Board began surveying religious educators in transition in 2014. This survey is intended to collect data regarding religious educator departures in an attempt to analyze and address any trends or challenges that become apparent. If you have left your position, please complete the survey to help us form a comprehensive picture of transitions throughout the UUA.